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Non Slip Matting

Rubber Non Slip Matting Provides Safety for Competitive Surfers

black puzzle interlocking tiles floor in fitness areaThe US Open of Surfing is a famous surfing competition that is held every summer in Huntington Beach, CA. For an entire week, surfers from all over come to tackle Huntington’s famous waves! It is always acceptable to walk around dripping wet and in barefoot on the beach front. In order to accommodate thousands of enthusiastic surfers we partnered with Hurley, one of the competition’s major sponsors, to provide safe rubber non slip matting for both professional and beginning surfers. With so many people tracking seawater onto sidewalks and in sponsor booths, it was important to secure their feet and keep floors dry. Tiled non slip floor mats were installed at the Hurley sponsor stand where athletes could go to check out the newest trendy surf gear and watch gnarly surfing videos.

Rubber is the ideal material for such applications because of its many helpful qualities! Rubber provides great non slip safety because of its high traction surfacing. The surface texture of rubber grips on to bare feet to help prevent dangerous slips and falls. Rubber flooring is also extremely durable, so it could definitely withstand the foot traffic of the Open competition’s participants and spectators. The surf environment can also be very abrasive and harsh. –Corrosive seawater, gritty sand, and intense sunlight can all be damaging to weaker materials, like plastics. Rubber is durable enough to resist natural weathering and won’t crack or harden under continuous UV/ozone exposure. Everyone knows how intense the heat can get in sunny California so it’s good to know that the rubber matting won’t give up halfway through the week!

Rubber nonslip floor mats also ensured the management that their investment was secure and would offer returns. For all businesses, affordable insurance to take away the “risk” associated with transactions increases the ROI of any income generating concern. By reducing risk through the use of insurance, returns on any business transactions improve. Improving safety for staff and clients as a measure to reduce the rate of the riskiness of an event. ensures that accident claims are reduced. This means lower costs to any business. An open air festival of surfing is no different and the sponsors did an intelligent thing by providing rubber non-slip matting in an otherwise moist beach location. Even though the non slip floor mats aren’t out in the water braving the waves, they’re still supporting the surfers by providing them a safe walkway for when they return to land!