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Rubber Playground Surfaces

Why are Rubber Outdoor Playground Mats the Best Safety Surface?

Eco Safety Rubber tiles on jungle gym playground for kidsEvery parent wants their kids to have the best childhood possible—whether it means throwing the biggest birthday party on the block or installing the best backyard play structure for endless adventures! Home playgrounds are a great way to promote exercise, imagination, and creative play. In addition to ensuring your children’s happiness it is also crucial to ensure their safety. Parents must provide a sturdy and secure cushion for their children’s adventurous games. Rubber playground surfaces are the best option on the market!

Rubber flooring is a clean and safe material unlike messy sand, mulch, wood chips, and other traditional playground cushioning. Other materials can change over time but a rubber mat will not, thus guaranteeing the same level of security day after day. Our rubber playground tiles are made from recycled rubber tire crumb. Since rubber tires are made to be durable in outdoor conditions, so our rubber flooring tiles made from used tires. Here are 5 great reasons to buy rubber playground tiles:

  1. They are safe! A 2.5 inch thick rubber tile provides ample safety and cushioning for most playground equipment.
  2. They are durable. Rubber tiles will outlast sand, wood mulch, and even rubber mulch.
  3. They will not shift or move easily. If loose-fill materials are not in the right depth and the right place at the right time they are rendered useless.
  4. blue eco safety rubber playground near the school playground They are easy to install. Our interlocking rubber tiles can be installed by almost anyone!
  5. They are eco-friendly. Made from used passenger car tires that would otherwise end-up in the landfills.

Our rubber outdoor playground mats are made entirely of recycled and reclaimed rubber tires, making them durable and long lasting. The natural resilience of rubber materials makes these mats also resistant to all types of weathering—including the stomping feet of playful children! They come in precut individual tiles which are easy to install and replace— assembly is as simple as attaching the square tiles together on their interlocking puzzle-style sides. Our rubber playground tiles are very thick and have an excellent fall height rating. Almost 60% of playground injuries are caused by falling, so it is important that any rubber playground surfaces used have enough shock absorbing power to protect children’s bodies and reduce impact force. Ever since rubber surfacing began replacing traditional materials in many playgrounds fall protection standards have significantly improved. Continue a tradition of excellence and safety by installing rubber playground tiles as part of your backyard playground set today!