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Rubber Floor Runners

Rubber Floor Runners Make Businesses Friendly and Safe

Black Dura Scraper Checkered Doormat on brick floor outside doorsInstalling rubber floor runners makes your commercial business environment less prone to liability issues and insurance claims. As it stands, there are still many establishments that are not friendly to the physically limited; a lack of wheelchair ramps or walkway railings limits this accessibility for businesses. During wet winters outdoor walkways and commercial ramps can become hazardous areas. Clients can associate your place of business, especially if it is a retail establishment, with risk and they may be less likely to visit your facility.

The significance of a single customer is immense. A customer’s experience at your establishment determines whether or not you’ll be getting the most effective (not to mention effortless) marketing technique: word of mouth. It should be assumed that each customer is tied to a network of friends, families, and coworkers or, from a business standpoint, more customers. Great experiences prompt praise and recommendation while poor experiences do the opposite. Here are 7 places where rubber floor runners make sense:

  1. Retail Stores: Such facilities count on foot-traffic. Any possibility that foot-traffic is reduced is instantaneous damage to the business bottom line. Protective flooring is a must.
  2. Public institutions: The sheer number of people that visit libraries, courts, churches, and schools make them locations that demand security in their floors. An affordable rubber mat in an indoor area covering carpeting can save thousands of Dollars in cleaning and replacement flooring costs.
  3. Outdoor walkways: If you are a property owner you have a legal responsibility to those using your retail or commercial walkways to offer safe floors. When winters come along slip and falls can become a daily headache. Cut your losses with an inexpensive rubber mat!
  4. Ramps and sloped paths: Inclines are difficult to traverse. Putting down a layer of rubber flooring can help add traction. This is a real concern in areas where ramp floors are compounded with moisture, like boat docks.
  5. Outdoor entryways: Wiping incoming boots and shoes is the best way to keep indoor floors clean. An outdoor runner mat can do this very effectively during all seasons.
  6. Indoor Entries: Indoor carpet mats will not only keep indoor floors clean, they can also make indoor floors slip-resistant. This is a real concern where floors are made of tile, wood, marble, or anything else that is slick.
  7. Hallways: Indoor hallway floors always get worn faster than adjoining areas. Since foot-traffic passes in a more condensed fashion, hallway floors look aged much quicker. Hall runners can either protect floors during high traffic seasons or cover paths whose floors may look aesthetically less pleasant.

Not only are runners used to protect slippery areas, they can also cover older floors for a more appealing aesthetic. Rubber mats used as hall runners can easily cover hallways that have shabby floors. To ensure the satisfaction of absolutely every customer you, the business owner, can implement safety and accessibility measures. To assist those with physical limitations, a rubber runner mat can be used throughout your commercial establishment to increase safety and accessibility.

person wearing brown shoes walking on black dura scraper checkered doormat Rubber floor runners are made of—you guessed it—rubber. Rubber has excellent traction qualities due to its high coefficient of friction. The functional material possesses anti-slip properties, which is evident in its use in tires and on the soles of shoes. The rubber runners also have a raised surface texture which further increases the traction to the floor.

Traction is beneficial to anyone and everyone since it reduces the chances of slipping and falling, even when wet. For people using wheelchairs or walking-assistance devices a rubber runner mat provides traction to their equipment and makes it easier and safer to traverse your business’s ramps and walkways.

Placing rubber runners inside and outside of your business provides safeguards against injuries resulting from slips and falls. Rubber has natural shock-absorbing capabilities. The elastic material flexes when a force is applied, and disperses the impact throughout the rubber. This quality is what gives rubber mats their durability, resilience, and, more importantly, their safety. In the case of a freak slip or fall, the cushion-like runner mat can reduce the severity of any injury incurred.

The little details, like a friendly staff or clean bathrooms, can be the difference between maintaining return customers and entertaining one-time visitors. Unrolling some rubber floor runners onto your business’ walkways and ramps is a detail that shows a business owner’s concern for her customers from all walks of life.