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Perforated Rubber Mats

Rubber Drainage Mats are Absolutely Vital Around Public Pools!

Black Eco Drain Interlocking Rubber Mat by the poolEveryone has been to the pool on a hot summer day. You’ve seen babies splashing around in the kiddie’s pool, kids having a cannonball contest, teen guys flexing for that pretty female lifeguard, and the adults relaxing and enjoying a cold drink. The local public pool is great place to kick back, get your cool on, and just have a good time! However, these good times can be jeopardized if the pool area is not safe! The cool water that is providing so much fun for everyone can quickly become the source of an accident. When the water is splashed onto the stone tile it can create hazardous, slippery surfaces. Those lifeguards can yell “NO RUNNING!” until their voices give out but excited children will always be romping around on the pool deck. The wet areas can cause these rambunctious children to slip and fall, resulting in sad faces and early trips home. One way to keep the good times alive and increase safety around pool areas is with rubber drainage mats!

There are a variety of flooring options available for pool areas but the best and safest one is rubber drain matting due to its naturally water resistant, non-slip qualities. Perforated rubber mats have drainage holes studded throughout the surface that allow water to drain through, keeping surfaces free of slick puddles. Similar to the way waffles trap syrup, as opposed to pancakes, the uniform holes in this type of rubber mat trap water away from the surface. Pool surfaces fitted with drain matting will be drier and safer for all. This doesn’t mean that it will ever be okay for children to run around the pool deck, but it does mean that the rambunctious ones will be taken care of should things get a little too exciting around the water.

The best thing about perforated rubber mats is that they are wonderfully simple to install. Thick rubber drain matting is heavy enough to be held stable under its own weight, so no adhesive or tacking is necessary to hold it down around the pool. The rubber material has its own natural traction which also keeps the mat firmly in place. During the colder winter months, when poolside fun isn’t the best of options, these rubber drainage mats can be easily rolled up and stored away!