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Non Slip Rubber Mats

Non Slip Rubber Mats can Greatly Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls

Red Paw Grip non slip Rubber Runner Mat in a bathroomAccording to a research study done by the Home Safety Council (HSC) the leading causes of home injuries and injury related deaths are critical falls. You may not be aware, but there are many possible danger zones even in the comfort of your own home. Most of them are in areas that lack traction like hardwood floor stairways, tiled kitchens, and smooth bathroom surfaces. All of these locations are especially concerning for children and the elderly.

Falls within bathrooms occur especially often because these areas are constantly subject to water. Because of the smaller confined space and proximity to hard faucet fixings, falls in the bathroom can be especially hazardous. In the HSC research results the very first solution listed for bathroom falls is to “use a non-slip mat or install adhesive safety strips or decals in bathtubs and showers.” Non-slip rubber mats are a cost effective solution to a problem that is easily solved.

The advice of the Home Safety Council can certainly apply to public settings as well. Public bathrooms see even more foot traffic than a home bathroom, with many wet hands dripping water across their floors daily. All public buildings—offices, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and more—can protect the safety of their visitors by laying down non slip rubber mats. This greatly reduces the risks of clients falling near sinks, which in turn can reduce liability risks for the company. Because rubber is naturally water resistant, rubber non slip matting offers high traction and grip as opposed to smooth-tiled public bathroom floors.

The Home Safety Council is a national nonprofit organization that is entirely dedicated to educating the public about preventing harmful home injuries. Their discoveries are valuable to the general public, and can be applied to many industrial and commercial needs as well. You can read about these findings, and all of their other HSC research here: (