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Kitchen Floor Mats

Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats: Top 8 Reasons Why They’re Worth the Cash

Person wearing brown shoes while standing on Red Kitchen MatProfessional chefs, restaurant staff, and dishwashers know that preventing slips and falls is the key to running a kitchen smoothly and efficiently. Whether you cook for a well-known restaurant or you make a mean (hopefully not in the microwave) lasagna to feed your kids, safety and comfort are always important. If you’ve looked into buying any types of kitchen floor mats, you know they aren’t exactly cheap.

So why bother shelling out the big bucks for a rubber mat for kitchen comfort and safety? In commercial kitchens and food service areas, messes and spills are facts of life. They happen whenever the kitchen is in operation. Dinner and lunch shifts cannot have shutdowns, so if a big spill does occur the recourse must be quick and can not affect ongoing activities. In addition, excessive exposure to water, greases, cooking oils, and other liquids can damage floors and cost extra money. Even more important is the safety of your restaurant and kitchen staff. Staff must have safe floors to work on during all hours. Regardless of the variety of food or by-products which hit the floor, the ground must remain non-slip and secure. A durable rubber mat for kitchen and restaurants can prevent slips, falls, and possible broken bones.

However, there are other reasons to invest in rubber mats for kitchens and food service areas. The following are the top eight reasons why those pricey kitchen floor mats could actually be some of the smartest investments you ever make.

  1. Cushion and comfort: If you work in a commercial kitchen environment, good cushion kitchen mats can provide great anti-fatigue support for those double and late-night shifts without a problem. Because rubber is a naturally elastic material, mats made from rubber offer invaluable comfort for long hours spent at stoves and counters.
  2. Quality: Some rubber kitchen mats are made from Natural Rubber (NR) content. It may be a little pricier than recycled rubber, but Natural Rubber has inherent qualities that make it one of the most durable materials on the market.
  3. Person using work bench while standing on Red Dura Chef Anti-Fatigue MatResistance to grease: Tough home and commercial kitchen floor mats like the ones found here on Rubber Flooring also contain grease-resistant Nitrile rubber. Keeping grease and oil off of commercial kitchen floors is impossible but adding a protective barrier to those floors is easy! And besides, a little extra durability and floor protection goes a long way.
  4. Anti-slip safety: Because rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction, rubber kitchen matting can prevent dangerous slips in wet areas and keep your staff or your family safe.
  5. Special drainage mat design: Good kitchen floor mats are equipped with special drainage mat features such as surface holes and textures. As a result, these mats allow liquids to drain away from floor surfaces and keep commercial kitchen areas clean and dry. This is a must!
  6. Eco-friendly contents: Purchasing a kitchen mat made with natural rubber content is just one more step toward eco-friendly living. Make the jump into sustainable business with a tough natural rubber mat.
  7. Ease of cleaning: Rubber kitchen mats can be rinsed or wiped down for fast, easy cleaning. Because they are made with a water-resistant material, rubber mat for kitchen floors reduce cleaning costs automatically. Keep a commercial kitchen spotless by taking a little time every day to give them a bath!
  8. Long-lasting protection: Because rubber is naturally water-resistant you can trust that good cushion kitchen mats will last longer and provide better protection and comfort than any other type of mat. A good kitchen mat is not just an accessory: it’s a long-term investment that can protect you and save your business hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Although you may be reluctant to spend the cash to get the best kitchen floor protection, remember that investing in quality is the only way to guarantee the safety of your staff and customers. Look into rubber kitchen floor mats to save time, money, and the trouble of paying future medical bills.

Standing in a kitchen or foodservice area for hours every day may be your job, but it doesn’t have to be painful. And hey, with a little bit of rubber cushion, you might even be able to focus on the parts that you really love, like your job instead of the parts of your body that ache.