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Soft Rubber Flooring

Soft Rubber Flooring Protects Kids and Puts the 'Care' in Daycare!

red eco sport interlocking tiles in game room under foosball table Soft rubber flooring is an essential measure of safety at your daycare center. When running a child care or daycare center, it’s important to observe Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will.” In the example of a daycare, if there is an unlocked cabinet in a child’s reach, the child will probably open it. If there is a wire running across the floor, a child will probably trip on it. If there is a book on quantum mechanics lying around, a child will probably write a thesis on it.

Alright, maybe that last example was a bit far-fetched, but the necessity of possessing foresight in child care still stands. Considering how curious kids can be their behaviors can often be unpredictable and sometimes hazardous to their own well-being. Let’s say a child bites his own tongue. This is an example of a danger that is difficult to anticipate and avoid. Yet, there are still many other hazards that you could anticipate and avoid.

Black Eco Sport Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles by couchOne of these avoidable events is injury resulting from slips and falls. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 8,000 children are sent to emergency rooms for fall-related injuries each day, making it the leading cause of injury among children below the age of 19 ( To combat this startling statistic at your daycare, consider using rubber tiles to set up safe and soft play areas.

Rubber tiles are an excellent way to preempt the occurrence of harmful slips and falls. Our soft rubber flooring provides traction for children’s feet because of rubber’s high coefficient of friction. Flooring surfaces like concrete, tile, or carpet do not offer the same degree of traction and leave children prone to nasty spills.

The traction that rubber tiles offer will certainly reduce the frequency of slips and falls, but it does not guarantee that children will always be on their feet. The age of the child seems to correlate with how clumsy and cumbersome they are. For those moments when a child loses their balance or takes a wrong step soft play areas, equipped with our rubber tiles, ensure in the event that a child does fall, they will not be badly injured. Rubber’s shock-absorbent composition acts as a cushion between a child and a hard floor surface. What’s more, our soft rubber tiles are specially designed to guard against impacts from up to five feet high.

Installing soft rubber flooring is an excellent way to safeguard children from slips and falls at your daycare center. Rubber is a versatile material that promotes safety in addition to being durable and resilient no matter how many children run or cartwheel on it. Since our DIY tiles are easy to install and maintain, you can save your business time and money. Above all, safe and soft flooring tiles protect little rascals from injury, putting the ‘care’ in daycare.