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Rubber Floors Matting

Opting for Commercial Rubber Floors Pays Dividends for Businesses!

Checkered Dura-Scraper on brick floor near in front of open doors.Restaurants, libraries, gyms, you name it, commercial businesses naturally see plenty of traffic on a consistent basis. All this treading, day after day, will eventually wear down most floors including laminate wood, tile and carpet. Aside from being unsightly, damaged floors are a tripping and slipping hazard and may also harbor the growth of mold or mildew. With this said, it’s imperative to repair floors which would unfortunately cost a pretty penny. To avoid this costly and time-consuming flooring mess, opt for commercial rubber floors.

Commercial matting is a wise business decision that pays dividends due to its many beneficial functions. Here are four reasons rubber mats will work for you:

  1. Protection for subflooring: Repairing or replacing floor surfaces like wood, tiles, or carpet can often be quite costly and, in the very least, messy. By installing commercial rubber floors you can protect your subfloors from damage and avoid the subsequent costs of repairs. As rubber is a very resilient material and able to withstand physical abuse as well as exposure to dirt and moisture.
  2. Long-lasting: Unlike wood or tile that can chip, commercial matting maintains its structural integrity despite consistent foot traffic. The elasticity of rubber allows the flooring to spring back into shape because of its flexible construction, which absorbs impacts.
  3. Easy to install: To lay down wood or tile flooring, you would need glue, caulk and sealants to complete the installation. As I already mentioned, this would be an expensive venture especially if you employ the help of professional installers. Rubber flooring, on the other hand, needs only to be unrolled across the area of your establishment’s floor. The weight of the rubber flooring is usually sufficient to keep it held in-place.
  4. Easy to maintain: Commercial matting does not have to be steam-cleaned or polished monthly like carpet, tile and wood. Rubber is a relatively low-maintenance flooring material and only needs a quick sweep and mop to keep it in tip-top shape. The water-tight surface keeps moisture from sinking into the rubber or below the flooring, preventing the growth of mold or mildew.

Commercial rubber floors can save your business plenty of money, time and stress. This multifunctional flooring option protects your subfloors from damages that would result in costly floor repairs. Rubber surfacing is also easy to install, maintain and will last long amidst heavy foot traffic, allowing you to focus your energy on other parts of running your business.