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Outdoor Rubber Runners

Runner Mats Give Your Customers Nothing Short of a Star Treatment!

Black Coin Grip roll flooring under containers and toolsRolling out runner mats on your business’ walkways and ramps is a functional alternative to rolling out the red carpet. Sure, there aren’t always Brad Pitts or Kim Kardashians walking into your establishment; however, it’s important to note that everyone appreciates a kind and considerate welcoming. Show your concern for your customers even before they get to the front door by using outdoor rubber runners.

Runner mats are great long-term and functional investments that benefit both you and your customers. Here are some features of rubber mat runners that benefit your business:

  1. Traction: Rubber has great grip, which is a fancy way of saying it has traction. Rubber naturally has a high amount of hold which is why there is a layer of it in most shoe soles. Our runners utilize the anti-slip qualities of rubber and take it a step further by adding a textured surface. Even when it’s rainy and your customers are squeaking along the walkway, the outdoor rubber runners reduce the likelihood of dangerous spills.
  2. Safety: In the incident of a slip, the rubber mat runners protect the customer from eating a mouthful of concrete. Because of rubber’s inherent elasticity, the mat can absorb some of the shock and impact from a slip and fall. Your customers will surely appreciate this safety precaution against potential injurious incidents.
  3. Visual guidance: I wasn’t joking when I equated our rubber mats to the red carpet, well at least in regards to functionality. Plain and simple, runners guide you by showing you where to walk; they are a great tool to provide visual guidance to customers entering your establishment, tell staff which way to walk, and to divert people away from risky or problem areas. Runner mats can do all of these things better than any other!

Coin grip roll flooring under dog eating from a pink bowlNow, let’s explore the benefits to you, the business owner:

  1. Floor protection: The same shock-absorbent characteristic of rubber than can cushion a fall also shields your walkways and ramps from damage. Heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements can wear away at the concrete or stone of your walkways, costing you the price for repairs. Rubber runners not only save your floors but also your wallet!
  2. Scraping ability: Many of our runner mats have textured surfaces, some of which have abrasive scraping qualities that brush and trap the dirt from your customers’ shoes. When it’s wet outside the mats also reduce the amount of moisture on the soles of shoes. In this way, you can keep dirt and moisture from getting all up in your business!
  3. Long-lasting investment: Outdoor rubber runners are resilient. Rubber’s high tensile strength means it can take a beating from even the heaviest foot traffic. The mats also welcome the abuse of inclement weather because of their non-porous water resistance. When the mat get dirty simply hose it off with some water and, if necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth.

Laying down runner mats on your walkways and ramps is a functional and long-term investment. It may not look as pretty as the velvety red carpet, but it certainly will show that you, the business owner, care for your customers.