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Rubber Mats For Kitchens

Rubber Mats for Kitchens should be the Foundation of Any Restaurant!

black Dura Chef Interlock Kitchen mat in commercial kitchen Have you ever thought about opening your own restaurant? You could serve gourmet American burgers, or maybe you’re more into a home-style Italian joint? Perhaps you want to bring a taste of Southeast Asia with a spicy Thai spot, or maybe mellow it down with a simple, British style teahouse? If you actually do open your own restaurant, it’s definitely something that you can claim as an accomplishment…because it’s no easy task!

Before you whip out the wok or start simmering there are safety details you must consider—specifically, safe kitchen matting. This should be the foundation of your restaurant—literally! Without safety flooring you are putting yourself, and your employees, at risk of slips and falls. Any foodservice area is prone to liquid spills, both water and grease, and when things get busy secure flooring is especially important. During lunch and dinner rush hours you may find yourself swamped with hungry customers. When you’re worrying about dishing and plating enough to satisfy their stomachs you don’t have time to worry about anything else! You can help calm your worries with durable rubber mats for kitchens and rest assured that they will always be there to cushion muscles and keep feet firmly on the ground.

chef standing on black dura chef interlock kitchen matCommercial kitchen rubber mats are specially made to withstand the wear and tear of a restaurant environment. A busy kitchen is unique from other commercial areas because, unlike a warehouse or a hotel, a kitchen encounters a range of spilled, dripped, and leaked cooking materials. Grease, sauce, and water are all commonly found on kitchen floors, and kitchens will inevitably get messy during busy hours. Because of this, kitchen mats are made to resist grease in addition to water resistant. Their lightweight composition also makes cleaning them a hassle-free process—the mats can be taken outside and hosed down easily!

Kitchen matting is a little like a piece of insurance during the kitchens peak hours. It allows the facility to keep ticking while the rush lasts. Once breakfast, lunch, dinner, or the late night rush are done and over with the cleaning crew can come in and make the place spotless. It is imperative that the hours of work are not disturbed otherwise it can result in lower revenue! Good commercial kitchen rubber mats allow you to bypass disruptions and keep the flow of business steady.

Rubber mats for kitchens are truly valuable to any kitchen environment. If the restaurant business is something you see yourself doing in the near future, it’s never too late to start looking into it!