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Bar Floor Mats

Style Your Bar Floors with Non Slip Rubber Bar Runner Floor Mats

Chef standing on Interlock Dura-Chef Mats in a kitchenIt doesn’t matter if you are more of a beer lover or a cocktail fan, Jeremy can mix together something that you are sure to enjoy! He’s one of the most popular bartenders at downtown’s newest pub; he can garnish a martini and tap a keg all at the same time! However, despite the fact that he can stir with one hand and shake with the other, the drinks he serves do occasionally spill. If Jeremy is going to be cracking jokes and serving up drinks all night he can’t let spilled liquids interfere with his act! That’s why he bought a set of non slip bar runners to install behind the counter. Non slip runner mats are designed to enhance traction, provide slip resistant safety, and prevent accidents on wet surfaces. The surface texture of rubber flooring is naturally liquid resistant and offers excellent grip in the midst of spilled liquids. Unlike other surfaces that may become slippery when wet rubber bar floor mats maintain great traction, spill after spill.

For added safety, Jeremy also has the option of purchasing drainage mats for the bar floors. These honeycomb-style rubber mats have rows of small, 3/4 inch holes that trap liquids and keep the surface dry. By draining spills these holes keep feet elevated and dry and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Our rubber bar floor mats are lightweight, so even if sticky sweet fruit concoctions end up on the floor, the mats can be easily picked up, moved outside, and hosed down. Now that Jeremy has a guaranteed secure footing, thanks to the new bar runners, he can continue entertaining his guests without worrying that he might slip and spill one of their orders. At the bar, good times are to be had by all, so ensure the happiness and safety of your bartenders today!