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Commercial Bar Runner Mats

Bar Runner Mats Encourage Safety in a Potentially Hazardous Setting

person standing on black Dura Chef Octagon rubber kitchen mat From unpaid bar tabs to unruly bar rats, there are plenty of issues and concerns for bar owners. At bars or pubs you have people consuming drinks that impair their judgment and reduce their motor skills and coordination. The result: shattered pint glasses, falling bar stools, a slice of pepperoni pizza marinating in a puddle of cranberry juice, and vodka on a tile floor…it isn’t exactly a whimsical afternoon at Cheers; instead, it’s a liability lawsuit waiting to happen. Bar runner mats can increase measures of safety at bars for your bartenders, waiters, and patrons. More specifically we are talking about roll out mats that can be purchased in any length! We can custom cut a rubber runner in any length for your “Speak Easy!”

A simple rubber bar mat is a bar owner’s best friend. You won’t see a bar owner having a beer with a rubber mat—that would be concerning. You will see that bar runner mats can save bar owners’ time, stress, and money by making the bar floor more drunk-friendly. Here are two safety features of rubber mats that fit the bill:

  1. Shock absorbency: After a couple of drinks, it’s only natural for patrons to get clumsy and uncoordinated in their movements. When either a tumbler of Jack falls or a guy named Jack tumbles, a hard floor surface is certainly not the desired destination. Offering little to no cushion, hard floor surfaces, like tile or concrete, will not only shatter glassware but also bones. To be realistic, glass breakage is more of a concern and runners behind the bar will certainly improve this.

    person standing on black Dura Chef Octagon rubber kitchen matInstalling runner mats along the bar floor acts as a shock-absorbent cushion for the downward descents of glassware and patrons. The runners are made of rubber, an inherently cushiony material that can lessen the degree of impact. Fallen pint glasses stay intact, inebriated night owls remain uninjured and unscathed; a hard and damaging fall is one less thing for bar owners to think about.

  2. Slip prevention: Even when sober it’s a tough and potentially hazardous task to walk across the bar floor. Spilled drinks, melted ice cubes, and moisture transported from the bathroom floors all contribute to making bar floor areas prone to slip-and-falls. Using a bar mat at critical slippery areas in your watering hole is a great preemptive safety measure to ensure that your bartenders, waiters, and patrons stay on their feet.

Laying down some bar runner mats in your bar or pub is a great way to avert costly accidents and incidents. Our rubber mats are easy to install and maintain saving you time and the hassle of more comprehensive flooring solutions. The long-lasting durability of a bar mat also saves bar owners a pretty penny. With the heightened safety offered by bar mats you, the bar owner, can strive towards catering to your patrons to create the ideal bar atmosphere “where everybody knows your name.”