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Gym Flooring Options

Rubber Gym Flooring is a Great Option for Cost-Conscious Fitness Facilities!

Dumbbell with weight plates and 2 rubber coated dumbbells on Recycled Rubber FloorThere are many elements needed to run a successful commercial gym: an extensive network of clientele, competitive pricing, and let’s not forget: location, location, location! Much of a business owner’s energy goes into these behind-the-scenes operations, but it goes without saying that the gym itself should be properly equipped.

Alongside a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, a business owner should consider what the most ideal gym flooring. There are plenty of gym flooring options, including concrete, carpet, wood or even foam, but they do not offer the multi-functionality of rubber. Rubber tiles for gym and fitness centers offer gym owners and their gym many useful features:

  1. Slip-resistance: Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction that is 80% more than the standard of safety. Other flooring materials like concrete or wood offer less grip than rubber and are generally more slippery when wet. Rubber gym flooring maintains its grip qualities even if a water bottle spills or sweat accumulates. This feature can keep your workers and clients up on their feet.
  2. Cushion: Since rubber floors are shock-absorbent, workers and customers are less likely to sustain serious injuries in the case of a sudden fall. This property of rubber is the reason why wrestling rooms are equipped with rolled rubber. Harder surfaces like concrete or wood do not cushion but instead bounce impact back at an individual’s body.
  3. Puzzle Lock Tile floor under hurdles and heavy weight equipmentFloor protection: Considering the fact that weights are being pulled, pressed and pushed in every direction, there is always the possibility that a barbell or kettle bell goes rogue and damages your sub-floors. Rubber tiles for gym and fitness centers can protect floors from substantial damage since the tiles are impact-resistant.
  4. Sound reduction: The clang of free weights. The hum of treadmills. The squeals of cable machines. The sounds of a gym are fitting and can be motivating, yet other times such noises can be deafening and irritating. Rubber flooring can dampen some of the sound produced by fitness equipment. Sound is actually a series of vibrations in the air, and since rubber absorbs vibrations the flooring can reduce the volume of the sounds. However, it must be noted that installing rubber tiles for gym centers will not silence the grunts of pumped-up gym-goers. Having said that, rubber floors are amongst the most cost-effective and best sound reducing gym flooring options.

Rubber is the ideal material for gym flooring. It is extremely valuable for gym owners because it offers premium flooring features like slip resistance, shock absorption and sound reduction at a less-than-premium cost. The longevity of rubber products ensures that owners wouldn’t have to worry about replacing their flooring year after year. Besides, business owners have more important things to worry about.