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Commercial Rubber Floor Tiles Are Suitable For Many Applications!

Person sitting on Eco-Drain Rubber my with his feet in the poolCommercial rubber floor tiles offer a multitude of features that would benefit any business. Rubber mats are inexpensive and are a great value for company owners or managers, especially since installing rubber tiles is a simple, DIY project. The functional rubber tiles offer slip-resistance, impact-resistance and comfort among many other features.

Depending on the use of the commercial flooring, rubber tiles can meet the demands needed for many unique applications. Here are four unique commercial applications that utilize the versatile features of rubber:

  1. Swimming centers: The areas surrounding a swimming pool are hazardous to people walking by. As water accumulates on the concrete, stone or tile, the floor becomes increasingly slick and introduces the risk of serious injury. Commercial rubber floor tiles solve the problem of slippery floors because they still provide traction even when moist or wet.
  2. Gym and fitness centers: With heavy weights flying left and right there is a highly probable risk that the gym floors and fitness equipment will be damaged. To preempt the costly repairs or replacements to the original commercial flooring, rubber interlocking tiles can be installed to cover the area of the gym floor, especially at high-impact areas like deadlift zones.
  3. Music studios: To produce a truly great-sounding music track, every sound (including extraneous white noise) must be managed. Mainstream artists use multi-million dollar music studios that are soundproofed with various technologies. One of these technologies is the installation of a rubber subfloor. The shock-absorbent molecular structure of rubber absorbs sounds rather than bouncing them. In the studio, this results in a cleaner sounding track.
  4. Daycare facilities: Excited and frenetic in their movements, children are at risk of injury resulting from tripping or slipping. When they cartwheel to and fro or engage in a vigorous game of “tag” it can bring a parent peace of mind to know that their child won’t seriously injure themselves if a mishap occurs. Among most materials for commercial flooring, rubber is one of the safer flooring options due to its natural shock-absorbent quality which acts like a cushion for a tumbling toddler.

Wherever safety, floor protection or sound reduction is needed, the versatile commercial rubber floor tiles cover all bases. Inexpensive and durable, rubber matting is a wise choice for business owners looking to get the most value from their dollar.