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Entrance Mats For Business

The Differences Between the Two Types of Commercial Entrance Door Mats

brown Wellington rubber backed carpet mats outside the door The benefits of using commercial entrance door mats extend beyond the doorway. Door mats are primarily used to capture any dirt, dust, debris and moisture riding on the soles of shoes. The mats also provide traction in moist or wet conditions, a necessary safety measure to prevent any fateful falls.

There are also the less apparent benefits of using entrance mats for business, residential and industrial applications. With dirt, dust and other debris trapped on the door mat, indoor floors would generally be cleaner than if there wasn’t a door mat in use. The reduction of foreign matter on indoor floors also improves indoor air quality.

So, the question now is “Which type of mat should you choose: all rubber or carpet?” While all commercial entrance door mats serve as slip-resistant scraper mat, each type of door mat offers their own advantages:

  1. Rubber: This type of mat is made of the all-too-familiar stretchy elastomer. Impervious to water and resilient to weathering, rubber is a fitting material to utilize in dry, moist and wet outdoor conditions. The durability of rubber gives the mat the ability to withstand constant foot traffic.

    A reason for using an all rubber mat would be for its draining ability. Since the mat is composed only of rubber, moisture and wetness is easily drained off the mat. Another characteristic of using entrance mats for business and residential applications would be for its greater ease of maintenance compared to carpet mats. Simply rinsing the rubber mat keeps it spic and span. Rubber mats are considered industrial door mats due to the long life expectancy they offer.

  2. Blue Wellington carpet mat on the floor outside of glass door Carpet: Composed of synthetic fibers with a rubber backing, carpet mats offer excellent long-lasting resilience to physical abuse and weathering. The synthetic fibers do not retain water, which ensures that the mat won't get soggy when moisture comes into play. The rubber backing prevents the mat form skidding, just as the rubber mat does.

    Carpet mats are generally more effective at trapping dust, moisture and smaller debris. The fibers work to brush the soles of shoes free of any foreign particles and moisture.

All commercial entrance door mats are functional accessories that could increase measures of safety around entryways and could also prevent dirt, dust and debris from soiling indoor floors. Rubber mats offer drainage capabilities and an ease of maintenance; carpet mats offer better scraping ability. Since rubber is a hard wearing material as compared to carpet, it can be used outdoors, in areas where wet conditions prevail, and in harsh settings where industrial door mats are needed. Yet, it’s not uncommon to just pick an entrance mat for business that looks nice. If that’s the case, it may be even more difficult to choose between the many aesthetically pleasing rubber and carpet mats!