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Nonslip Bar Mats

Rubber Bar Mats Safeguard Your Bartenders from Slips, Falls and Injuries

person measuring on black soft cloud drainage antislip matIt’s a good idea to lay down some rubber bar mats to increase the measures of safety for your hard-working “mixologists”. After people punch in their week’s final time stamp, they excitedly anticipate their two-day respite: the weekend. As the sun sinks into the horizon, many of these people rush to their favorite bar or club to sink themselves in a stein of beer or an elegant, yet potent, martini. In the frenzy of weekend warriors stands your barkeep, ready at a moment’s notice to attend to any and every spirited request.

With more patrons arriving and even more drinks flowing, the area behind the bar begins to liken to a perilous ice skating routine. Covered in spilled tequila and fugitive ice cubes, the bar area floor becomes a slick ice rink for the bartenders who step, slide, and spin to maneuver through the bar. With more than one bartender moving through the bar you’re left merely crossing your fingers to avert disaster.

Protect your bartenders by preempting behind-the-bar safety hazards. Here are some ways that rubber bar mats could keep your bartenders on their feet:

  1. water spilled on red soft cloud drainage near the mopTraction: Our bar mats are made of rubber and offer excellent grip for your barkeeps and bar backs. Rubber naturally has excellent traction due to its high coefficient of friction. Surfaces like tile or concrete do not offer enough friction and even less so when moist or wet. Rubber mats maintain their sticky grip even when wet from the spillover of poorly-poured beer. Utilizing our bar mats’ rubber traction keeps your bartender serving drinks over the counter instead of slipping under it.
  2. Drainage:To further prevent slips and falls on slippery floors, a number of our mats have drainage holes built into the mat. The function of a drainage hole is self- explanatory: excess liquids drain under the bar mats’ rubber surface and away from the soles of your bartenders’ scurrying feet. Less moisture means less chance of slipping and falling. The only person falling should be the birthday girl who had one-too-many shots!
  3. Comfort:The structure and composition of rubber material gives it an elastic and spring-like quality, which absorbs shocks from any applied force. How does this pertain to your bartenders? Doubling back and forth on a hard surface really takes a toll on the body, particularly in the joints and the lower back. Fatigue and discomfort may set in as a result. Rubber mats reduce some of the stressful forces that may affect your bartenders’ bodies.

Rubber bar mats ensure your bartender can safely operate the bar that is a sanctuary for many people. It’s a place where we seek refuge from the toil and strife of the work week, an escape from the routine and mundane. It’s where we can relax and savor the company of those that matter to us. Amongst the din of drunken conversations and the clinking of celebratory toasts, your bartender is hard at work. Your bartender is the engine of the bar machine, cranking out social stamina to your patrons. Keep the engine running; protect your bartender from slips and falls by laying down some rubber bar mats.