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No Slip Rubber Mat

Don’t Tumble in the Jungle: Non-Slip Flooring vs. Your Clumsy Employee

Black Diamond Grip PCV roll flooring under fire hydrant You have a clumsy employee, that’s a fact! You know the type — that person who always seems to drop things or trip over their own feet. Say that your friend’s name is Andy: he’s smart, tall, good-looking…and unbelievably accident prone! And Andy knows lots of attorneys. He may rock the dark and handsome look, but he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Paper is all over the floor and coffee pots shatter on hard tile floors. The phrase “bull in a china shop” doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

We know that a no-slip rubber mat was made for guys like this. Rubber mats are made to defend your company’s bank account from these unreasonable and unnecessary hurdles on the road to success. Friends, employees, and customers like Andy are only transparent when it is too late. You cannot stop running your business worrying about people like Andy to come along and throw a wrench in your daily life, you have to expect them and be prepared for them. Let’s recap:

  1. Accidents happen.
  2. Accident prone customers, employees or friends will visit your place of business.
  3. Winters are wet and reoccur every year.
  4. Stop worrying and decide to protect yourself.
  5. Keep a clear head and focus on your core competency, “Your Business”.
  6. You need affordable insurance against Klutziness!
  7. Non-slip flooring is affordable and provides a layer of safety.
  8. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too! Rubber flooring is the answer to your problems this winter.

person with converse shoes walking on diamond grip pvc roll flooringA no-slip rubber mat is made of a naturally elastic and durable material. Rubber absorbs vibration and serves as the perfect cushion between hard floors and an individual or object. As non-slip flooring material, rubber offers a large amount of friction, or rubbing (that is one reason it is called rubber). Rubber flooring will give you traction and slip resistance where hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl floors provide only a smooth, slippery surface. With rubber flooring the wet winter seasons are no problem, just cover your existing floors with protective rubber flooring!

Let’s say that your friend Andy is coming over in an hour and you know he’ll bring his clumsiness with him. You want to spend time with Andy but you don’t want him breaking your things or falling all over the place, especially in front of your other guests: the Business Litigation Attorneys of America. The situation may seem untenable, but the solution is frighteningly simple. By placing a no-slip rubber mat in outdoor and indoor entryways, break-rooms, or bathrooms, you can prevent Andy from slipping and falling.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to Andy’s klutziness, install rubber non-slip flooring in the common areas of your building. Even if he doesn’t venture into any of these places, you’ll sleep better knowing your business is protected by durable rubber flooring. Not only will rubber floors protect your priceless business heirlooms by providing impact absorption and cushioning in key areas, it will also protect your friends and guests from certain injury. A no-slip rubber mat will let you spend time with your clumsy friend without risking property damage or certain injury in the process!

After all, a little bit of money can buy tough rubber flooring and priceless office supplies, but most of all it buys you the ability to sleep at night!