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Outdoor Doormats Large

Colorful Outdoor Doormats Can Help Bring Customers to Your Doors!

Wellington Carpet Mat on wood floor near double doorsWhy place colorful outdoor doormats outside of your commercial store? If I suddenly pointed to your left and said, “Whoa, what’s that over there?!” you would probably turn your head. Tricked you! People are naturally drawn to rapid movements, and react to them—it’s a simple trick on the human mind. In addition to movement, the human eye is also drawn to bright colors. It has been scientifically proven that while some cells in the eye are sensitive to brightness, certain cells are sensitive to colors. Many advertisers take advantage of this innate human trait by using pops of color in their logos, billboards, and storefronts to get the attention of people walking, biking, or driving by.

Even if you’re not the owner of a large corporate business that can afford billboard ads, you can still use this little trick to help your small shop or boutique! Use colors in your store header lettering which will stand out from the background. Another way to draw customers is with a large doormat in an attractive color or pattern that matches your store! For example… for a fun, girly boutique, nothing says, “come on in!” more than sassy zebra striped mat. For an eco-friendly yoga studio, a natural green colored entry door mat expresses a feeling of calm, even before you step inside. Amidst boring storefronts that are clothed in browns, grays, and other neutral building material colors, colored entrance matting will definitely stand out. People strolling the plaza will be drawn to the color and might come over to check it out. You need to identify your brand from the moment eyes glare on your building. You never know… then they might take a step inside, peek around for a bit, and maybe purchase something! Colorful outdoor doormats are like a fashion accessory for your storefront appearance. In addition to the jewelry, model planes, comic books, or whatever else may be on display, that extra splash of color will definitely complement your products. We have a variety of colored mats available, and even multi-colored designs and patterns—we are certain you will find something for your business!