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Drainage Mat

A Rubber Drainage Mat Offers Three Degrees of Slip-Resistant Safety!

Chef cooking while standing on Black Dura-Chef Kitchen Mat Working at a restaurant can get hectic. At a moment’s notice, a team of restaurant employees must coordinate their efforts to take orders, prepare the food, and serve it to the customer all with a big smile on their face. Considering the amount of restaurants vying for the public’s business, every restaurant strives to deliver quality food as promptly as possible. Consequently, lightning speed service puts restaurant workers’ safety at great risk.

A restaurant’s kitchen can be pure pandemonium especially during lunch and dinner hours with chefs and cooks bustling about to finish a dish. This can result in slippery, food-covered, grease-splattered floors which put kitchen workers at risk. A rubber drainage mat can remedy this unappetizing scenario. Waterproof floor mats provide three degrees of slip-resistant safety:

  1. Natural grip: One of the most commonly utilized features of rubber is its inherent tack, or grip. Shoes, tires, and the cover on your cell phone…they all take advantage of rubber’s great traction just as a rubber drainage mat does. This property of rubber prevents slips even when it is moist or wet.
  2. Orange Dura-Chef rubber comfort mat in a commercial kitchenRaised surface texture: The waterproof floor mats have raised protrusions on the area of the mat to increase slip-resistance. How? The surface texture acts like treads on tires or the bottom of your shoes and flexes to conform to applied force, thus maintaining better contact for more stability.
  3. Drainage holes: The holes scattered throughout the area of the mat are the feature that discerns it from other rubber mats. Spills are common, if not characteristic, of regular kitchen activities. The moisture from newly cleaned kitchenware and water dripping from freshly washed hands can also contribute to slippery kitchen floors.

The drainage holes function to keep grease and other liquids under the mat and away from the feet of restaurant workers. This is a crucial safety feature especially for busy restaurants that cannot immediately mop up kitchen floors.

A rubber drainage mat introduces three vital measures of safety for kitchens: rubber’s natural traction, a raised surface texture, and drainage holes. Laying down waterproof floor mats on kitchen floors is a wise investment that could prevent work-related injuries and the consequent worker’s compensation litigation. Mats are inexpensive and durable, making them an incredible value for restaurant owners. Order up!