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Rubber Mats Holes

Rubber Drainage Mats Slice and Dice Kitchen Floor Hazards to a Pulp!

Black Paw Grip Grease-Resistant Rubber Runner Mats in kitchenAdding rubber drainage mats to your kitchen floor is an important ingredient to your food preparation operation. The recipes for kitchen areas are unappetizing. Begin with a room cramped with heavy-duty machinery, some of which have dangerously hot surfaces. Next, add a generous amount of kitchenware, like sharp cleavers and scalding-hot pots. Then, throw in some slippery floors. Finally, drop in your chefs and cooks, who frantically maneuver through the kitchen to complete their orders. Bon appétit! You’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

The stew of hazardous conditions brewing in your kitchen area leaves your chefs and cooks prone to injuries resulting from a slip and fall. In the 2010 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, slips and falls are the second highest cause of injury in the US, accounting for 15.7 percent of injuries ( In a news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 18 percent of food preparation-related injuries are caused by slips and falls (

Person standing on Red Paw Grip Runner Mat by the warning sign Don’t let these statistics leave a bad taste in your mouth. Fortunately, rubber drainage mats can enhance the safety and comfort of your commercial kitchen because of three beneficial features:

      1. Drainage: When you think of “drainage,” you probably think of a sink drain or maybe pipes that discharge liquid. Drainage mats, in essence, feature a similar functional design. It’s basically a rubber mat with holes that allow water, oil and debris to pass under the mat and away from the shoes of your chef(s).

        The drainage holes also serve to postpone cleanup for later. During peak business hours kitchens are often swamped with orders. In this frenzy, chefs and cooks have no time to clean messes immediately. With drainage mats, your chef and cooks can keep on flipping patties instead of slipping badly.

      2. Non-slip surface: The mats are made of rubber which is the best non-slip surface there is. Rubber offers an incredible ability to provide traction even amidst moisture and grease. Some drainage mats are made with natural rubber and Nitrile rubber which are particularly resistant to water and grease. Along with the drainage holes, the gum-like quality of rubber is an extra line of defense against slips and injuries.
      3. Comfort: Besides the practicality of a rubber mat with holes, the mat offers a comfortable cushioned surface for your chefs and cooks. Hard surfaces, like tile or concrete, take a toll on your kitchen workers by putting strain on their joints and lower backs. Since rubber is shock absorbent our drainage mats act as a cushion for a chef’s body from hard floor surfaces. For chefs or cooks who stand for hours on end the necessity of a rubber drainage mat is even greater.

Rubber drainage mats are a great addition to your kitchen operations. There are several mat thicknesses so you’ll be sure to find the perfect mat for your kitchen. Installation is as easy as placing it down on the floor, no adhesive required! Cleaning the mat is even easier: you just hose it down! Through all of the features of rubber mats and all of the dreadful culinary puns, the safety of your culinary artists is the most important measure. With rubber drainage mats you can chop away many kitchen hazards. Couldn’t help it.