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Rubber Flooring Buyer's Guide

Natural Rubber and Its Use as Eco Rubber Flooring: An Origin Story

Eco rubber flooring is a modern invention. But, much like the evolution of the word “Amazon,” natural rubber has its history.

How Recycled Rubber Mats are Made: Devulcanization!

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Recycled Rubber Floor Mats: Let’s Talk Cartoons and Recycled Tires

Images like children’s cartoons can convey powerful messages—like choosing recycled rubber floor mats instead of synthetic ones as a way of saving the environment.

Eco-Friendly Flooring and 9 Other Materials that Are Biodegradable

If eco-friendly flooring uses biodegradable materials, other household products should too! Read about 10 biodegradable materials we use every day.

How to Install Interlocking Rubber Tile Flooring in 12 Easy Steps!

interlocking rubber tile flooring, how to install rubber tiles, rubber flooring interlocking

How to Install Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles in a Few Simple Steps

Interlocking rubber flooring tiles are an easy-to-install DIY flooring solution. Learn how rubber puzzle mats are as easy to assemble as a jigsaw puzzle!

“Sustainable Floor Products” Natural & Recycled Rubber Floors

How do you practice sustainability? Discover all they ways natural and recycled rubber floors are helping us now and offering hope for the future!

Eco-Friendly Rubber Flooring: Green Products for a Green Home

With eco-friendly rubber flooring, it’s easy to go Green! Invest in Green floors to turn your home into an environmentally friendly sanctuary.

Recycled Rubber Matting A Great Choice for a Green Home!

Buy recycled rubber matting and learn how to transform your home and life into an eco-friendly environment.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles: This DIY Flooring is No Puzzle

Need easy DIY floor protection? Rubber interlocking floor mats make up one jigsaw puzzle you won’t need a picture to solve!

A Quick Guide On How to Install Rubber Flooring Rolls By Yourself!

You've got your rubber rolls and now you're wondering how to install rubber flooring rolls. Here is a quick and easy guide!

Recycled Rubber Floors: An Eco-Friendly Solution to Tire Landfills

Recycled rubber floors and other recycled tire products can keep tires out of landfills easily! The only problem? There are too many tires to count.

Rubber Truck Bed Mats Help You Carry That Weight Securely and Safely!

Rubber truck bed mats prevent damage to your truck’s bed and also prevent potentially dangerous spills. Check out more features of a simple black rubber mat.

Utilizing Rubber Mat Tiles Can Pave the Way To Being a Rockstar!

Rubber mat tiles possess fantastic soundproofing abilities for your home recording studio. Find out how to floor a studio inexpensively.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles Offered up to an Avid Golfer!

A client asked us about using interlocking rubber tiles when setting up A putting green. Find out more about this creative and inexpensive application!

Rubber Floors Are One of the Safer Flooring Options You Could Opt For!

Rubber floors offer unmatched measures of safety compared to materials like concrete and tile. Count down three of rubber's properties that promote safety!

Feature-Packed Rubber Flooring Products!

Rubber flooring products promote safety and comfort for people or pets. Check out three groups that benefit from rubberized surfacing!

Why Laying Out Rubber Flooring Rolls Is a DIY-Friendly Flooring Option

Rubber flooring rolls can be easily installed by both the DIY amateur and professional. Count off four reasons why the rolls of rubber are DIY-friendly!

Rubber Interlocking Tiles: A Parent’s Little Helper

Parents, here are four reasons to use modular floor mats and anticipate some of the most worrying aspects of parenting!

Three Ways Rubber Flooring Tiles Wash Away Your Laundry Room Ruckus!

Rubber flooring tiles offer sound reduction, floor protection and an ease of maintenance in the laundry room. Learn how rubber can tame your noisy machines!

Fordlandia: The Great Grand Daddy of Modern Black Rubber Mats!

Rubber mat manufacturers did not come around until 1970’s, but learn who laid the groundwork for modern Black Rubber Mats of today!

Green Rubber Flooring: An Environmentally Friendly Floor!

Are you looking for eco-friendly flooring options? No matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, be sure to consider sustainable recycled tire products for your project.

What Are The Differences Among the Four Types of Ribbed Matting?

Ribbed matting is offered in four different designs, each with their own functions. Learn about the features of each mat and why they are fine investments!

Rubber Flooring Options For Your Home - Choose From Many Unique Designs!

Try other rubberized flooring tiles, like white rubber flooring or speckled or rubber dot flooring!

Rubber-Backed Carpet Mats Halt Foreign Matter and Moisture at the Door

Made of polypropylene and rubber, rubber-backed carpet mats are effective entryway scrapers that also increase safety. Read about the rubber mats' features!

Six Reasons Why Rubber Cast Iron Door Mats Are Not Just A Piece of Eye Candy

Rubber Cast iron door mats are not only elegantly designed but also full of features. Read about six features why this rubber entrance mat is hardly one-dimensional!

Laying Down a Rubber Door Mat Welcomes Safety to Any Entryway

A rubber door mat increases measures of safety at commercial and residential entrances. Read of three reasons why rubber mats are a worthwhile investment!

My Kingdom for a Custom-Cut Mat: DIY Flooring for Ordinary Homeowners

Custom-rubber floor mats or other rubber matting can make any home improvement project into an effortless venture. Here are two types of custom cut mats!

DIY Custom Cut Floor Mats: A How-To Guide in Cutting Rubber Mats!

Customized rubber mats that match all edges of your project will look more polished and professional, so follow this easy guide for cutting rubber mats to size!

Custom Cut Matting Saves Time and Reduces Waste!

Custom rubber flooring rolls will save you time and money, so buy custom cut matting and buy what you need not what someone wants to sell you!

A Rubber Ribbed Mat Is A Long-Lasting Investment And Worth Every Penny

Alongside several safety features, a ribbed mat is a tough, durable flooring solution. Explore the reasons why the corrugated rubber sheet is so resilient!

Corrugated Flooring Won't Prevent Sniffling But Will Prevent Slipping!

For the damp winter season, corrugated flooring is a great way to promote floor safety. Learn how ribbed rubber mats offer three degrees of slip-resistance!

How Does Ribbed Rubber Matting Increase Friction and Slip-Resistance?

Ribbed rubber matting offers a degree of slip-resistance due to its surface texture. Don't believe us? Learn about friction and surface texture inside!

Looking for Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options?

Recycled tire flooring is a great solution to any sustainable flooring need. Take a look at our environmentally friendly flooring options!

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Helps Preserve Earth’s Resources

Environmentally friendly flooring made out of recycled tire chips is cost-effective and green. Invest in recycled rubber floor products to help our planet!

Rubberized Mats vs. Natural Rubber Mats: The Real Difference

Read a brief explanation of the benefits of synthetic rubberized mats vs. rolls of rubber matting made with natural rubber sap from the Para tree.

Rubber Mats Maximize Grip and Keep Ice Rinks Safe and Fun!

Rolls of rubber matting used to pad ice rinks are there to ensure safety and good times for everyone, from beginners to the pros!

The Production of Natural Rubber Mats

Learn how natural rubber from the Para tree turns into rubber step mats or decorative rubber mats. We unlock the mystery of natural rubber matting.

Six Reasons Why Rubber Tiles Are Ideal Flooring for Home Workshops!

Laying down rubber tiles in your garage is the ideal flooring option for gear heads. Avoid repairs to your garage floor with recycled rubber flooring tiles!

Four Reasons Why Rubber Floor Tiles are a Great Investment!

Rubber tiles for gym floors turn into workshop floors, studio floors, or garage floors. Here are four reasons why rubber floor tiles are a great investment!

Interlocking Rubber Tile Flooring for a Fitness and Dance Studio!

Interlocking rubber tile flooring can turn your cold, boring garage into your own personal fitness and dance studio! Save your joints and your money!

Modular Rubber Tile – Top 5 Great Qualities!

Modular rubber tile flooring has lots of great qualities - here are our top 5 favorite reasons to choose interlocking tiles!

Rubber Interlocking Floor Tile Installed in an Art Studio

Modular flooring, composed of individual interlock floor tile flooring, was the sturdy solution for reality show 'DIY To the Rescue'

Interlocking Tile Floor Products are Simple to Install!

Rubber interlocking floor tiles are quick and simple to install, making them great for DIY household flooring projects- just follow this step-by-step guide!

Why is Rolled Rubber Flooring So Versatile and Cost-Effective?

Rolled rubber flooring is used in wrestling rooms to prevent injury, in gyms to avoid damage to floors, and in skating rinks to keep blades sharp.

8 Ways Rubber Roll Flooring is the Most Excellent Party Favor of All

Throwing a party? Rolls of rubber flooring can help you plan for anything from noise complaints to drink spills to drunken injuries you can laugh about later!

How Synthetic Rubber Rolls Overtook the Natural Rubber Industry

When natural rubber rolls became scarce during World War II, research in synthetic compounds picked up dramatically.

Interlocking Rubber Tile Flooring for a Fitness and Dance Studio!

Interlocking rubber tile flooring can turn your cold, boring garage into your own personal fitness and dance studio! Save your joints and your money!

What do Rubber Pavers, Padding, and Colored Flooring Have in Common?

Rubber pavers, rubber padding, and colored rubber flooring all have the same great qualities as everyone’s favorite bath toy - the rubber duck!