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Rubber Floors Are One of the Safer Flooring Options You Could Opt For!

Z cycle rubber roll under gym equipmentThe importance of flooring material can often times slip our minds. Most of the time, we’re content with just a solid floor that continues to where we need to go; granted, this is the most basic flooring prerequisite. Upon further exploration into the different types of flooring it’s almost shocking that rubber isn’t the primary material to cover floors with when considering its functionality and safety properties.

Rubber floor coverings trump floor materials like tile, concrete and carpet in a multitude of ways. Here are a couple of qualities of rubber that give it an edge in safety over other floorings options:

  1. Slip-resistant: In dry conditions, most floor materials provide sufficient traction for walking and other physical movements. Yet when water is introduced many materials easily become a safety hazard, particularly ceramic and porcelain tiles, which can be as dangerous as walking on bare ice!

    Rubber is a material that maintains its grip even in moist or wet conditions. The traction of rubber is an invaluable measure of safety. Thus, rubber floors excel as a flooring option for virtually any area, especially wet zones like bathrooms and kitchens. Need to see our products? Do not forget we offer rubber flooring samples!

  2. Z cycle flooring used under weight benches at a gym.Shock-absorbent: There’s a reason why fitness centers, gymnasiums, and wrestling rooms prefer rubber floor coverings to any other material. Rubber’s inherent shock-absorbent properties act as a cushion to hard impacts while still being stable enough to walk on.

    This property of rubber makes it almost a no-brainer as far as functionally safe flooring materials go. And, it goes without saying that being slammed on concrete or tile would be painful. Very, very painful.

  3. Mold- and mildew-resistant: Mold and mildew can grow anywhere there is a combination of moisture, heat, and organic particles (which is almost everywhere!). For example, the grout in between tiles is prone to mold growth; that’s what you’re scrubbing away at in your shower! Exposed hardwood floors can get waterlogged and also harbor unwanted occupants. The beauty of rubber is its mold- and mildew-resistance. Rubber floor coverings will not harbor such fungi, which could contaminate indoor air quality and induce sickness.

Rubber floors are easily some of the safer flooring materials. Unmatched by common flooring, like concrete and tile, rubber is used wherever slip-resistance and shock-absorbency are the priority: daycares, wrestling rooms, dog kennels, etc. Yet, why does such a wonderfully functional material have to be limited to areas only where extreme conditions exist? It can’t be because of the cost; rubber is cost-effective and long-lasting. It can’t be because of its aesthetic; rubber floor coverings are offered in many colors and are neat and clean. It is always good to see and feel a product before one buys, so contact us if you want to see any rubber flooring samples. When the answer comes to mind, expect another article!