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Interlocking Tile Flooring

Interlocking Rubber Tile Flooring for a Fitness and Dance Studio!

Woman doing yoga on Red Eco-Sport Tiles in front of a poolInterlocking rubber tile flooring can be utilized in many different applications including playgrounds, home gyms, and home fitness and dance studios. Wait a minute, a home fitness and dance studio? With enough creativity and an enthusiasm for a new DIY project, you can easily transform your garage into your own personal fitness and dance studio.

From professionally-trained ballerinas to passionate individuals with two left feet, everyone can enjoy a personal fitness and dance studio. It can serve as a convenient location for your daughter and her friends’ yoga meetings. Or maybe your son could use the studio to practice with his school dance team. You and your spouse could even spend your Friday nights attempting to emulate the celebrities on “Dancing with the Stars.” Whatever use you have in mind, laying down some garage floor rubber tiles is the first step towards your own personal fitness and dance studio!

Woman stretching on Red Eco-Sport Floor  OutsideInterlocking rubber tile flooring is an ideal surface for your personal studio. The soft and supple qualities of rubber reduce the stress and pressure on your joints and muscles. Considering that dancing requires constant movement of your lower extremities, the rubber flooring saves your joints and muscles by absorbing the shock that would normally pressure your hips, knees, and ankles by dissipating the shock throughout the rubber floor. Rubber tiles save you from the pain and swelling that a concrete or linoleum floor may inflict, keeping you kicking along with Billy Blanks instead of writhing in pain.

Aside from its shock-absorbing qualities, garage floor rubber tiles are a cinch to install. Simply measure the area of your garage, and speak to a Rubber-Cal representative about the recommended amount of rubber tiles needed for this project. When you receive your set of interlocking rubber tile flooring, installation is as simple as laying down the tiles and interlocking them with the provided pins. Rubber-Cal has even provided a video that guides you through this stress-free process.

Once you have set-up the rubber flooring, use your imagination to achieve the personal studio you envision. Installing mirrors on the walls of your garage could be useful to perfect your form when doing yoga or Pilates. Or, you could set up a television and follow along with your favorite aerobics video. The possibilities are limitless.

Setting up garage floor rubber tiles is a fun and exciting DIY application that can transform your cold, boring garage into a lively fitness and dance studio. Interlocking rubber tile flooring is an affordable investment that is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Best of all, installation of rubber tiles are incredibly easy!