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Rubber Roll Flooring

8 Ways Rubber Roll Flooring is the Most Excellent Party Favor of All

Dog laying on Coin Grip Flooring near her food bowlNew Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July — most of these holidays are traditionally big party days. Parties are fun, but they can get messy, loud, and rowdy. If you are hosting a party in your own home, the event can be nerve wracking and may lead to anything from property damage, to angry neighbors, to unfortunate run-ins with the cops.

How do you keep a party fun and safe without having to worry about your home décor, drunken injuries, or potential arrests? Using rubber roll flooring is one way to protect your home and alleviate your stress level, allowing you to enjoy your own shindig. Here are 8 reasons why roll out mats could be an excellent addition to any party:

  1. Sound Absorption: When a number of people, many of them inebriated, are concentrated in an enclosed area there is bound a lot of noise. Talking, yelling, screaming, shrieking, laughing — no matter what kind of party you’re throwing, noise will happen. Luckily, rubber roll flooring will dampen noise and vibration, insulating your guests and giving your neighbors a respite from the noise.
  2. Reinforcement: Perhaps you have beautiful hardwood floors or ceramic tiles in your home and you don’t want to see them scuffed beyond recognition. Rubber flooring acts as a resilient barrier between delicate hardwood floors and droves of partygoers.
  3. Slip Resistance: At any party, spills are part of the deal. Drinks always seem to find their way onto the carpet, patio, entryway, and myriad of other surfaces. Adding rubber flooring to your home is a great way to protect party guests. Rubber is naturally water and slip resistant so rubber surfacing can prevent injuries and save the life of your party in the process.
  4. Dog eating from her pink bowl on Coin Grip FlooringImpact Absorption: Inebriated guests often find it difficult to stand on their own two feet. Plan for drunkenness with soft rolls of rubber flooring. Instead of falling on hardwood or tile, your guests will tumble onto a comfortable, shock absorbing layer of rubber.
  5. Custom Lengths: Roll our mats can be cut in custom lengths to fit any room or outside area. As a result, rubber mats and flooring are perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties. When you purchase rubber flooring custom cut and tailor made for your home, you’ll save on the costs of installation and excess material.
  6. Easy Installation: You can order rubber floor mats in custom-cut lengths so the flooring rolls are incredibly easy to install on your own. Instead of hiring an installer or dealing with messy adhesives, simply order your rolls of rubber flooring according to the size of your area, trim the edges of the floor, and secure it with double-sided tape.
  7. Affordability: Rubber mats and flooring can be made out of recycled rubber tires, making them extremely durable and affordable. Rubber tires are designed to survive excessive wear, moisture, and sunlight; as a result, recycled rubber floor covering is longer lasting and more cost effective than other flooring products.
  8. Easy Maintenance: After the dust settles, a party can leave behind a terrible mess. If you’ve already installed moisture-resistant rubber surface covering in your home, cleaning up liquids and other messes is a breeze. Rubber roll flooring is easy to maintain — just rinse it with water and wipe it down.