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Recycled Rubber Floor Mats: Let’s Talk Cartoons and Recycled Tires

Blue Kettlebell on Elephant Bark floorYou’ve seen the Recycle Rex commercials — an animated T-Rex and his friends singing “Recycle, reduce, reuse and close the loop” on your television, encouraging kids to think about sustainable living. As a child of the ‘90s, I remember watching Recycle Rex in elementary school, nodding along to the ridiculously catchy song and taking the message to heart in a way that only small children can.

These types of songs may seem ordinary now, but their message remains important. Cartoon characters like Recycle Rex, the “spokesdinosaur for CalRecycle ([California] Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery)” emphasize modern society’s need to protect the environment and educate future generations about the importance of recycling. By processing waste materials and reusing them as new products like recycled rubber floor mats, recycling programs cater to consumers’ needs while conserving raw materials and helping to protect the environment.

For example, the United States boasts a truly prodigious number of vehicles that run on rubber tires. When those tires wear out and/or suffer damage beyond repair, they are sent to landfills.

According to Recycle Rex there is another way! Instead of tossing these rubber tires into landfills or launching them into outer space, we can recycled and process them into a wide array of useful products. Tires can be ground into crumb rubber and used to make rubber mats, rubber flooring, or other eco-friendly floor products. Rubber tires can even be remade into new tires!

Yellow Kettlebell on Elephant Bark rubber floor with Candy Corn PatternOf course that isn’t the end of it — the list of eco-friendly products goes on. Tires are produced from a naturally durable material. As a result, recycled rubber floor mats are long lasting, abrasion resistant, and ideal for outdoor applications, just like rubber tires!

Since I first laid eyes on Recycle Rex as a kid, I’ve noticed growing populations of recycle bins in suburban neighborhoods. These colorful collection bins hold glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, cardboard boxes, and other recyclable materials that would have gone straight to landfills in a not-too-distant past.

What about those products we can’t recycle ourselves? Californians, rest easy —CalRecycle also offers avenues for tire recycling and removal programs. Thanks to these types of government programs, the tires that carry your car today could be someone else’s eco-friendly floor mat tomorrow! Getting involved in tire recycling is easy, too. Recycled rubber flooring is ideal for any home; these tough rubber flooring products protect home gyms, garages, and basements with ease. Consider purchasing recycled rubber floor mats for your home or business as a way of supporting tire recycling programs.

In the end, the cycle matters. Recycle Rex may be a fictional dinosaur character, but his message is a good one. Recycled rubber flooring may just be a sound investment for your home or business, but the environmental benefits are truly invaluable.