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Custom Floor Mats

My Kingdom for a Custom-Cut Mat: DIY Flooring for Ordinary Homeowners

Blue Kettlebell Weight on White and Blue Speckled Elephant Bark FloorSometimes it seems as if modern-day humans purposely stay away from anything Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Custom rubber floor mats bring you back into the mix! Many of us only take on tasks that we know will bring us instant gratification and some of us are just lazy, and still others are so busy they can’t afford to spare a minute of their time. Why do you think fast-food restaurants are so popular? McDonalds and Burger King provide patrons with a hot cooked meal in a matter of minutes and at cheap prices, allowing the lazy to gorge themselves and the busy to eat without skipping a beat.

What if you aren’t necessarily lazy or overcommitted? What if you’re genuinely looking for a DIY home project that will leave you with a sense of pride, hard work, and accomplishment? For a multitude of home improvement projects, I suggest DIY rubber flooring in the form of custom-cut mat and roll products that are fabricated to your needs.

Why not transform your garage into a home gym? Depending on the size, shape, and location of your area, there are plenty of rubber flooring options available. Every one of our rubber flooring products offers quick and easy installation without the mess or hassle of typical flooring products.

Yellow kettlebell weight on Candy Corn Elephant Bark floorInstead of hitting the cheeseburgers, hit the gym! Supersize a rubber floor into exactly the size that works for you! Why buy something you don’t need? Rubber flooring is ideal for home gyms because it provides a soft, flexible surface for heavy fitness equipment and other high-impact exercise areas. By purchasing customized floor mats you can easily install it and save on time and reduce waste. Tailored floor mats can be cut to fit the exact size of your floor area, making installation faster and easier without costing you extra money.

Rubber floors do not only come in specified lengths— some gym flooring products come as rubber tiles. Interlocking floor tiles, for example, come in puzzle-piece shapes and can be easily connected to form a safe and uniform floor surface. The installation is easy and the upkeep is even easier! These allow you to tailor the tiles to any area and you will save time and money by taking out installation costs.

Putting together your home gym can certainly be a workout — there is no instant gratification shortcut for this — but a home gym is an investment that will leave you with a great body and that age-old DIY sense of accomplishment. Go ahead — order your custom rubber floor mats and enjoy the ease with which you can set up your own home gym room. You won’t regret taking that step.