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Garage Floor Tiles

Six Reasons Why Rubber Tiles Are Ideal Flooring for Home Workshops!

Red Eco-Sport tiles line the outside area of a houseUsing rubber tiles for garage floor applications sets up an ideal environment where hobbyists can work on their favorite projects! Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker building a new coffee table, or an aspiring birdhouse maker, rubber garage floor tiles are a better flooring option than cold and hard concrete floors. Here are five reasons how you could benefit from rubber flooring:

  1. Comfort: Rubber is naturally very elastic and flexible. Unlike hard concrete, rubber acts like a cushion when weight is applied and offers give while still maintaining firmness. The flex of rubber is crucial to avoid bodily stress and fatigue. The shock-absorbent qualities reduce the impact on your joints and muscles, especially if you’re lying under your car on your back for hours or standing bent over the engine bay.
  2. Impact resistance: The same shock-absorbent quality of rubber that protects your body also protects your tools and floor from accidental mishandling. Many of the rubber tiles for garage floor applications are made from recycled tires. Considering the durability of tires, you can drop your ratchets and wrenches without worrying about damaging your tools or floor! Recycled rubber flooring tiles remain resilient to many impacts, including constant foot traffic.
  3. Traction: With its high coefficient of friction, rubber tiles provide excellent traction when you’re working on your car or motorcycle. Even if your garage is moist or wet, rubber remains slip-resistant, protecting you from a threatening spill.
  4. Red Eco-Sport Rubber Tile in patio area near a wooden planterNoise reduction: A mechanic’s tools of the trade consist of many noisy instruments. From the clicking of a socket wrench to the buzz of an air compressor, a variety of noises resound through your garage when you are working on your car or motorcycle. It may be music to your ears, but your spouse and neighbors might think otherwise! Installing rubber garage floor tiles is an easy solution to reduce the volume of your mechanical symphony since rubber naturally absorbs and reduces noise.
  5. Contrast flooring: Whenever I work on my car, one of the major annoyances is misplacing a socket or a nut. Although the tiles are offered in many colors, I suggest choosing black for your floor to avoid any nuts or bolts disappearing like Houdini.
  6. Reasonably priced: There is nothing like it. Rubber tiles are inexpensive, especially when made from recycled rubber. When one unit gets damaged, you can easily replace it. Unlike rolls or seamless floors which will needs costly repair!

Rubber tiles are incredibly quick and easy to install, leaving you plenty of time to tinker with your car or motorcycle. The durability and resiliency of recycled rubber flooring tiles guarantee a great value that will save you from costly floor repairs. Yet, a new dilemma arises: with the extra change in your pocket, are you going to get a cold air intake or a three-inch exhaust pipe?