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Recycled Matting Green

Recycled Rubber Matting A Great Choice for a Green Home!

Z cycle flooring used under weight benches at a gym.Climate change is no longer disputed and even the most-staunch critics agree that the earth’s temperature is warming. With accelerating climate change and growing concerns about our natural environment, green products, like recycled rubber matting, hybrid vehicles, and sustainable building materials, are coming to the forefront as important issues for average consumers. Luckily, you can protect yourself from the elements in a functional and beautiful home while still living a sustainable life. The key is to use sustainable materials, such as eco flooring, made from recycled rubber tires and natural rubber harvested from trees.

Shelter is one of the most basic primal needs and one we can’t live without. Some of us humans may find shelter in lavish mansions while others are satisfied with four simple walls and a ceiling. An unlucky (and frankly unnecessary) number of us may seek shelter in garbage cans, cardboard boxes, or dumpsters. No matter whom you are, shelter is an important part of your life.

Comfortable and affordable flooring is the foundation of every home. These surfaces protect you from any number of problems. Recycled rubber matting, for example, embodies the durable qualities of tough rubber tires. Often used in gyms, garages, and other abrasive applications, rubber flooring is characteristically comfortable and safe. Rubber does not need to floor every room; it should be used in areas that make sense. Rubber flooring can act as a protective layer between hard floor surfaces and heavy equipment, but it can also serve as a decorative accent that brings your whole house together.

Z cycle rubber roll under gym equipmentEco flooring can do all of these things while giving Mother Nature a break. Bamboo, cork, and natural rubber are just a few sustainable building materials that can be fashionable and functional. In much the same way that bamboo flooring is used for its stylish qualities and eco-conscious footprint, eco-friendly rubber flooring brings a sleek look to your home and helps to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Recycled rubber matting isn’t the only eco-friendly rubber floor material. Natural rubber is a sustainable material carefully extracted from Para rubber trees. Para rubber trees can be tapped for rubber sap regularly without doing any damage to the environment. As a result, natural rubber serves as terrific eco flooring material. Rubber is naturally durable, slip resistant, shock absorbent and long lasting — qualities that are truly ideal for eco-friendly flooring. As a result, natural and recycled rubber matting products are ideal for garages, playrooms, commercial gyms, and any other areas that experience excessive foot traffic.

When constructing your green home, explore sustainable materials and figure out which flooring products will work best for you. Whether you need green flooring or eco-friendly door mats, it’s the little things that count. Natural and recycled rubber products will give you superior durability and protection without harming the environment. And when you think about it, sometimes that extra push is all you really need.