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Recycled Rubber Floors: An Eco-Friendly Solution to Tire Landfills

Yellow Kettlebell on Elephant Bark rubber floor with Candy Corn PatternIn most American cities and suburbs, taking one step out your front door means seeing some sort of automobile. Every one of these vehicles—whether they are four-door sedans, SUVs, heavy-duty pickup trucks, or skeevy unmarked vans—has something in common: they all move around on rubber tires. But tires don’t last forever; they wear out often and need frequent replacing. Recycled tire products, like recycled rubber floors, can be some of the most durable and cost-effective products around because they are made to survive UV rays, ozone, excessive moisture, and other harsh elements.

According to the 2010 United States Census, the U.S. has a reported population of 308 million people (U.S. Census 2010) with almost 250 million registered motor vehicles (U.S. Census 2011 Statistical Abstract). If we assume that every one of those vehicles runs on four tires, we’re assuming that almost 1 billion tires are being used on a daily basis. Once a year, those 1 billion tires are replaced and sent to linger in landfills.

The life of a rubber tire shouldn’t — and doesn’t — end there. Rubber is a durable material. The synthetic materials used in vehicle tires aren't biodegradable; as a result, they linger in landfills for years, hurting the natural environment and wasting valuable resources. As the U.S. population increases, so do the landfills that house discarded rubber tires.

Blue Kettlebell on Elephant Bark floorTire derived rubber floors are one solution to this ever-growing environmental problem. Many rubber matting and flooring products are made from recycled crumb rubber which is produced by grinding recycled rubber tires into mulch and mixing them with asphalt and concrete. The result is increased lifespan, versatility, and durability. Recycled tire products, like heavy-duty rubber mats and rubber gym flooring, benefit from the durable qualities of vehicle tires.

Recycled rubber that is UV and ozone resistant, for example, can produce extremely durable, long-lasting rubber flooring for outdoor applications. Rubber tires are water-resistant so they offer great slip resistance in anti-slip flooring applications. Toughness and durability make recycled rubber floors a great solution for any problem area, like dangerous outdoor playgrounds, moist basements, high-impact home gyms, or slippery kitchen floors.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking of rubber tires as just a mode of transportation and start thinking about them as the gateway to a new world of recycled tire products! Recycled crumb rubber is such a versatile material that it can also be used to slow weed growth, shaped into automobile parts, molded into shoe soles, or manufactured into hoses; the list goes on and on. Recycled rubber floors are just one way to utilize this environmentally friendly resource and save space in landfills.

Do your part to help the environment: breathe new life into old, worn-out tires by buying eco-conscious rubber tire products for your home or business.