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Corrugated Flooring

Corrugated Flooring Won't Prevent Sniffling But Will Prevent Slipping!

Corrugated Wide Rib Rubber Mat on cement outside of a doorFor some people, the arrival of the winter season induces fervor to wrap themselves in shaggy scarves and to spend Saturday night huddled up with a hot chocolate. For others, the coming of Old Man Winter sends a chill down their spine, reminding them of past seasons rife with crumpled tissues and empty bottles of Robitussin. However you feel about winter, we are all subject to the unrelenting abuse of the elements, most notably being moisture, rain, and snow. Welcome or unwelcome, wet conditions threaten our safety and well-being.

Corrugated flooring is a vital solution to wet and problematic floors for both commercial and residential applications. A ribbed rubber mat provides three degrees of floor safety:

  1. Natural grip: Even when it isn’t raining or snowing, there is moisture in the air and more so if it is winter. If you have to wake up for the morning commute, you probably already know about the condensed water drops that collect on your car windows. The condensation also collects on floors, like concrete and stone, making them slick and perilous to walk upon.

    Corrugated flooring is made of rubber, a material with an inherent tack on its surface. Rubber, with its high coefficient of friction, retains its tack even in moist or wet conditions. There is a reason why it’s the ideal material to use in vehicle tires and shoes.

  2. Corrugated composite rib rubber mat on asphalt near two people.Raised surface texture: To further promote all-weather slip resistance, a ribbed rubber mat is extruded to form protruding ribs on the top of the mat. This raised surface texture flexes with the weight of a person stepping on the mat. Thus, as the ribs flex, the true contact area between someone’s foot and the mat is maximized to increase traction and foothold.
  3. Fabric-texture underside: When it’s dripping wet, you may be wary of the mat slipping out from under you; after all, the floor under the mat probably doesn’t have a raised rubber surface! For such a slippery situation, the underside of the mat has a fabric-like texture that helps the mat grip to the floor. In this way, ribbed rubber mats prevent not only feet from slipping but also mats from skidding!

When the winter season creeps in, corrugated flooring can increase slip-resistance on both dew-covered and wet floors. The natural grip of rubber combined with the ribbed surface reduces the chance of falling and the subsequent injuries. With a fabric underside, the rubber mats stay put even amidst wetness and moisture, making this an essential solution for the damp winter months.