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Heavy Duty Door Mats

Rubber-Backed Carpet Mats Halt Foreign Matter and Moisture at the Door

Brown Wellington Doormat in entryway

Areas with heavy foot traffic see to the accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, and moisture tracked by the feet of pedestrians. It can be quite nauseating if you trace the sources of all the filth. Take a busy fast food restaurant for instance. A family of four bounce in from the kids’ soccer match, bringing debris onto the restaurant floors with dirt-clad cleats. A food service worker walks in, transporting rogue pieces of food on the soles of his shoes. A runner stops in for a quick drink, relocating a piece of gum that traveled on the runner’s feet.

The point is that heavily traveled areas like commercial entryways are the prime destination point for plenty of foreign filth. To stop dirt and debris from invading indoor floors, a rubber-backed carpet mat can be placed at busy entryways to capture matter while increasing safety. Here are some reasons why heavy-duty door mats are a welcome addition to any doorway:

  1. Brown Wellington Doormat in entrywayScraping ability: Rubber-backed carpet mats are covered with polypropylene, a long-wearing synthetic fiber with moderate scraping abilities. The fiber is spread densely throughout the area of the mat and can capture dirt, dust, debris, and moisture. As an added degree of scraping, the heavy-duty door mats have a protruding surface texture that offers a lightly abrasive base to scrub the soles of feet on. Note that carpet mats are essentially indoor scraper mats and so offer the comfort and aesthetics of carpet with the added durability of a rubber backed mat.
  2. Anti-skid design: To promote safety in slippery conditions, carpet mats are backed with rubber, a material that maintains traction even amidst moist or wet conditions. Furthermore, the rubber is constructed with a fabric surface texture which helps the mat keep a stable hold on the floor even when hordes of people are stomping across.
  3. All-weather resilience: Two components of heavy-duty door mats, polypropylene fibers and rubber, are extremely durable materials that can withstand the trials of inclement weather conditions and the stampeding of pedestrian feet. The synthetic fiber upper will not fuzz or pile up, and the rubber backing will not curl or separate; these combined make for a long-lasting door mat.

Rubber-backed carpet mats can prevent foreign matter from advancing on your indoor floors. Mud, gum, a slice of pepperoni…with a rubber door mat such matter can be halted at the front door due to the carpet mat’s scraping ability. With the resilience of polypropylene fiber and the weather resistance of the rubber backed mat, the carpet mat ensures to protect indoor floors for more than just one busy afternoon!