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Interlocking Rubber Tiles Offered up to an Avid Golfer!

Rubber Puzzle Tile Gym floor with exercise equipment on topI’m looking for some kind of rubber mat that I could use under my indoor- and outdoor-use putting green. When I set it up outside, the cracks in the pavement tend to mess up my shots. I’m going to be using this at home so I would like something that’s easy to set up and maintain.

I don’t want to break the bank so if you have any inexpensive options please steer me in that direction and give me your best recommendation.

Thanks in advance,

Jett M. from California


   Dear Jett M,

We’re happy to tell you that we have the perfect solution for your home putting green! Based on your specifications, interlocking rubber tiles would be the most convenient product to help you master your swing.

Outdoor gym on rubber interlocking tile floorFirst of all, rubber interlocking mats are incredibly easy to install. The tiles are essentially puzzle pieces that connect with each other. Yet, in contrast to a jigsaw puzzle, the rubber tiles are easier to assemble since each tile is identical and fits nicely with the others. Plus, you don’t have to worry about misleading image fragments of “Where’s Waldo.”

Second, interlocking rubber tiles are easy to maintain. The mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and are resistant to moisture and dirt. Cleaning the rubber tiles simply involves wiping it down with a dry or damp cloth. After using it outdoors, you could quickly wipe it down when you are ready to take your golf fantasy indoors.

The rubber tiles are an inexpensive solution for your putting green. They offer a long-lasting durability that will remain resilient for many years to come. Rubber interlocking tiles are ideal for your putting green because you can literally set the tiles up absolutely anywhere, especially since the tiles do not require adhesive. But, we must offer as a word of advice: avoid setting up your putting green in the bedroom. You might find your golf club in the hand of your spouse, who is setting up for a powerful swing…just not at the golf ball.


The Rubber Flooring Experts