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Ribbed Mat

A Rubber Ribbed Mat Is A Long-Lasting Investment And Worth Every Penny

Corrugated Fine Rib rubber roll on cement going into a businessAn individual’s health and welfare are priceless. Any accessory offering a measure of safety is a worthwhile investment in itself. A ribbed mat made from rubber is one such item, providing several degrees of safety in wet and dry conditions. Rubber’s inherent slip-resistance combined with a grip-enhancing raised surface texture safeguard against injurious spills. A fabric texture on the underside of the runner prevents the mat from skidding as well.

Noting such a trio of safety properties, a corrugated rubber sheet is already worth every penny; however, considering its durability, a ribbed runner is actually more of a valuable, long-lasting investment. Check out the features that make the ribbed mat so tough:

  1. Water-resistant: The nonporous surface of rubber mats is watertight and allows water to sit atop the surface or below the mat. This is an important feature of the corrugated rubber sheet. Water can alter the structure of a material when absorbed. Waterlogged wood begins to swell and carpets get soggy and worn. In stark contrast, rubber maintains its integrity when exposed to water and other liquids.
  2. Corrugated Fine Rib Rubber Mat on a cornered sidewalkAbrasion-resistant: Rubber is inherently resilient to physical forces due to its spongy molecular structure. The elasticity of rubber allows the mat to merely spring back into shape after an applied force. The ribbed runner is made of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), boasting better physical properties and abrasion resistance than natural rubber.
  3. Mold- and mildew-resistant: For mold or mildew to thrive, three factors must be present: moisture, organic material, and warmer temperatures. Mold spores love moist or damp areas, which is why they commonly grow in bathrooms. Organic material, like cotton or wood, is the food which mold needs to grow and reproduce. A warm temperature is a condition that is conducive for most growth for organisms.

    A corrugated rubber sheet does not harbor the growth of mold or mildew. As mentioned previously, the rubber mat is made of SBR, a synthetic rubber material, which is hardly appetizing to mold. The water resistance of the mat also prevents any soggy scenarios since water sits atop the mat where the water will eventually evaporate.

While offering a handful of safety measures, the rubber ribbed mat offers a long-lasting durability and a versatile resilience to daily wear-and-tear. The synthetic rubber material does not harbor the growth of mold or mildew. With this, the ribbed runner proves itself to be a worthwhile investment.