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Why Laying Out Rubber Flooring Rolls Is a DIY-Friendly Flooring Option

Coin grip on concrete floor with a handtruck on top of itInstalling rubber flooring rolls is an exception. Rolls of rubber are a great DIY flooring option for amateur and professional handymen and handywomen alike for four reasons:

  1. Minimal tools: Setting up flooring options such as tile or hardwood requires a considerable toolset. For tiles you would need a trowel, a hammer, and caulk among other things. For hardwood, break out the staple gun, a drill, and wood putty. Sure, the weathered DIY individual could probably operate such tools of the trade, but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park. We generally custom cut a rolled rubber mat to size for our clients; this removes the need for cutting at the installation site.

    To lay out rubber flooring rolls at their most basic, one only needs the rolls of rubber! Then, you guessed it, just unroll the mat! The weight of rubber flooring is considerably heavy and stays down without adhesives. For semi-permanent and permanent applications, double-sided tape and glue can be used respectively.

  2. Minimal effort: Rubber flooring can be rolled out along the length of the designated area and stay in place under its own weight. As previously mentioned, double-sided tape or glue can be used for fixed applications. Tile and hardwood floor installations require a manipulation of the tools and materials necessary, which is time-consuming and frustrating.
  3. Neat, professional appearance: With patience and diligence, the DIY individual can transform several rolled rubber mats into a slick piece of flooring. When unrolled with care, the flooring appears nearly seamless. The rubber flooring’s tidy appearance may easily be mistaken for a professional installation!
  4. Cost-effective: Rubber flooring is an inexpensive alternative flooring option to tile, hardwood, and other materials. Certain rubber flooring products are made of recycled and reclaimed rubber which are eco-friendly and affordable materials.

Rubber flooring rolls are DIY-friendly products, requiring a minimal toolset and a stress-free amount of effort. And, as inexpensive as the rolls of rubber are, the flooring finishes with a neat and clean appearance that will certainly turn heads. DIY projects don’t have to be challenging or frustrating. Rolling out rubber flooring certainly isn’t.