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Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Helps Preserve Earth’s Resources

Recycled Rubber floor with Dumbbells on itHow do recycled rubber floor products preserve resources? When people think of environmental concerns they often envision oil drilling, rainforest depletion, and overfishing. Most do not think of car tires as a problem source, however, used waste tires are actually one of the largest and most threatening problems to environmental sustainability and resource conservation. Industrial and commercial tires are made from a complex blend of synthetic rubbers and fibers, including steel and nylon. Tires are built to be strong, durable, and resilient to all sorts of wear and tear, so all of the materials used in tire manufacturing are notoriously difficult to break down: especially rubber compounds. Would you bet on your car’s tire naturally decomposing in your backyard anytime soon? No, not a chance!

Waste tires that make their way into landfills bring about another crop of problems, because of their bulky shape tires are 75% negative space and take up valuable room. The space within the tire can also collect rainwater and waste liquids and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes or other pests. Many landfills in the US have banned tire dumping as a solution, but it has only brought on other issues—illegal dumping of tires in the natural environment pollutes streams and ravines, leading to more hazards. Synthetic rubber chemicals found in waste tires can seep out into the streams and can eventually make their way into municipal groundwater sources.

Exercise Bike and dumbbells on recycled rubber floorIn light of all the problems that arise from tire disposal, it is logical to look toward a much more environmentally friendly solution: tire recycling. The rubber that is so difficult to break down by landfill is also very valuable as a recycled material. Recycled tires are shredded and placed in a grinder, resulting in what is called “crumb rubber”. These recycled tire chips are then sold to manufacturers who use it to make a variety of recycled rubber floor tiles and rolls and other products. The term Tire Derived Products (TDPs) is an umbrella term for a wide variety of eco-conscious goods like environmentally friendly flooring.

Here at Rubber-Cal, we are aware of the current state of the environment and the implications of wasteful processing. We highly encourage our customers to consider the carbon footprint that they leave on the earth by offering a range of environmentally friendly flooring options made entirely from 100% reclaimed and recycled tire chips. These products, ranging from interlocking tiles to rubber flooring rolls and full sheets of industrial rubber, offer the same all-weather stability, impact resistance, and general durability of car tires, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Recycled rubber floor tiles or rolls can be installed in home gyms, basements, and playgrounds to provide sensible and cost-effective household solutions like floor protection, mildew resistance, and safety cushioning. By utilizing environmentally friendly flooring for your own residential needs, you are in turn helping the needs of the planet by keeping harmful compounds out of the environment and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.