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Interlocking Mats

Rubber Interlocking Tiles: A Parent’s Little Helper

Blue Eco-Safety Rubber tiles locked together to form a playground floor

It’s a well-known fact that the liberal application of sugar can turn even the most well behaved child into a gravity-defying mutant. If your kids are bouncing off the walls, hardwood floors, and concrete patios they may be at risk of accidents and injuries.

 Taking preemptive measures to protect those precious youngsters is easy. Rubber interlocking tiles provide great cushion and comfort because they’re made with a protective and water-resistant material. Modular floor mats are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for backyard playgrounds, indoor play areas, and other places where your children spend their time. Here are 4 indisputable reasons why children and interlocking rubber tiles are a match made in rubber flooring heaven:

  1. Whether they’re playing foursquare, a serious game of tetherball, or monkeying around on the monkey bars, children are magnets for playground injuries. Why not take measures to preempt accidents and reduce the risk of serious harm? Modular rubber tiles are naturally elastic and they’re easy to install under all kinds of playground equipment. When a child falls rubber interlocking tiles will absorb most of the impact to help prevent broken bones and dislocated joints.
  2. Eco-Safety Blue Playground Tile under a small jungle gymBunk beds can be places of adventure for younger children. With the help of a bed sheet, a good pair of bunk beds can be transformed into a mighty fort, a sturdy castle, or a fearsome pirate ship. Sometimes reality painfully intervenes when a child takes a tumble off of the top bunk. Anticipate those moments: install modular rubber flooring around bunk beds to provide a safe, secure floor surface so that your children can play safely and let their imaginations run wild.
  3. Rubber puzzle tiles can come in an array of different colors and they’re shaped just like jigsaw puzzle pieces. They just scream fun! Modular floor mats and tiles fit together easily and blend together to form one smooth, uniform rubber surface. Install this puzzle-style rubber flooring in a playroom to add a splash of color to the décor and to protect your children while they play. Best of all, because rubber is naturally elastic, it absorbs sound and vibration easily. You can enjoy peace and quiet while knowing your children are protected from unforgiving floor surfaces.
  4. We love our children, but they frequently end up dirty and sticky. Whether they are playing outside in the mud or finger painting, rubber tiles are a great way to keep floors clean. Set up your rubber flooring in indoor play areas by connecting the puzzle-like tiles together. Water-resistant rubber tiles will protect hardwood and linoleum floors from spilled paint, water, and other liquids. They’re also easy to remove and store!

As a parent the most important and demanding part of your job is taking care of your children. Why not make things a little easier on yourself? Sometimes though, a watchful eye just isn’t enough. Invest in rubber interlocking tiles and mats; trust in the safety and durability of rubber to keep your children safe and your home intact for a long, long time to come.