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Modular Interlocking Tiles

Modular Rubber Tile – Top 5 Great Qualities!

Black Eco-Sport tile under a wooden deskRubber is a great material that has lots of excellent qualities; however, buying rubber floors by the roll might not be the most efficient or simple solution for most customers. We want to highlight the great qualities of a simpler approach: rubber interlocking floor tiles!

  1. Easy to Install: Rubber tiles are incredibly easy to install! We have two styles of interlocking tiles: one with puzzle-style edges, and one with pre-drilled holes for connector pins. It doesn’t matter which type of tile you purchase, both are easy to install on your own! No, you will not need an installer, even if all sense of practicality has been drained from your body by an overbearing DIY crazed neighbor. Just start in the corner of your area, and start connecting adjacent tiles one by one until you’ve covered the entire floor!
  2. Easy to Replace: Rubber is extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible—what if one of the tiles gets damaged? Well, no worries! One damaged tile won’t ruin your entire floor, that’s the wonder of modular rubber tile flooring! If this happens, you can just pull out that one over-abused tile, buy a single replacement, and you’re set to making your floor look like new again!
  3. Black chair and decorative plant on Black Eco-Sport tilesEasy to Move: Rubber is heavy duty enough to stay put under its own weight, and when you have multiple tiles attached to each other, their weight adds up to a real sturdy surface! You don’t need to buy adhesives or other messy substances to lock your floor down because of this. If you decide you want to move the tiles later, it’s easy to take the interlocking tiles apart and move them to their new destination!
  4. Easy to Clean: Rubber is naturally water and moisture resistant, meaning you won’t have a problem with mold or mildew that comes with damp environments! Rubber floors are pretty good at stain resistance, so food stains won’t be a problem either. If they do get a little scruffy-looking, you can easily clean these tiles by wiping them down with soap, water, and a rag.
  5. Easy to Customize: Rubber interlocking floor tiles come in a range of colors to best fit your desired application. Of course, you can go with basic black, but why not keep things interesting with unique shades of blue or green? Try a checkerboard pattern, go wild and create a style that has not been used before.

There you have it— modular rubber tile flooring is one of our most popular products and with these five great qualities it’s not hard to guess why that’s the case! Try it out yourself and you will see just how easy it is to install and use great, professional quality rubber flooring!