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Four Reasons Why Rubber Floor Tiles are a Great Investment!

Terra Flex Tiles under Children's toysRubber floor tiles can spare you from the stress and costs of keeping up with your growing child. When your child was a toddler, you worried about hard or sharp edges that could hurt them so you installed rubber bumpers to protect them. During their elementary school years, you locked the cabinets that contained the toxic cleaning chemicals just in case your adventurous kid dared to play with those curious liquids. Now, your mature boy or girl is in high school, and they ask you if you could buy them a home gym. Kids grow like weeds!

Your child certainly is not your seven-and-a-half-pound baby anymore, but you can still be there to protect them in their adolescent pursuits. Installing interlocking rubber flooring tiles under your child’s home gym will not only save your child from potential injury but also save your wallet from costly floor and gym equipment repairs. Say in a year or two the gym in the garage turns into a rock-n-roll rehearsal room or, better yet, your private workshop. The rubber tiles for gym floors are ready to grow with your needs and now easily become your workshop flooring. Here are four reasons why our rubber floor tiles are a great investment:

  1. Traction: Due to a high coefficient of friction, rubber offers excellent slip-resistance. This is a crucial factor for an ideal fitness area where exercise form and technique determine if someone will be lifting weights or waiting to be admitted to the emergency room. Whether they are doing yoga or lifting weights, rubber’s traction enables you or your kids to perfect their form and technique by keeping him or her stable on a nonslip surface.

    Utilizing rubber tiles for gym and fitness equipment also ensures that the equipment will not slip or slide, preventing any mishaps unforeseen by your child.

  2. Terra Flex Tiles under children's Truck and some blocksShock absorption: Rubber is naturally a great cushion, especially compared to hard surfaces like concrete or tile. The elasticity of rubber slightly gives under applied weight. This characteristic is beneficial to protecting your child’s body. Some of the forces resulting from weight-lifting or aerobic exercise disperse in the rubber flooring instead of inflicting harm to your child’s joints and muscles.
  3. Protection for floors and equipment: Placing interlocking rubber flooring tiles under gym equipment protects your floor from being scratched or dented by the heavy gym equipment. The tiles protect your floor from occasional accidents like dropping a barbell. This rubber barrier also shields your floor from lubricants that usually leak out of gym equipment like treadmills and stationary bicycles.

    Using rubber tiles for gym equipment doubly protects the equipment from movements and vibrations that could potentially damage the moving parts within the machine.

  4. Noise reduction:Vibrations and movements from gym equipment produce bothersome noises. Rubber’s shock-absorbing ability reduces the vibrations that reverberate into the floor through the machines and in turn dampens the annoying hum of a treadmill or the piercing clang of weight-lifting plates.

Time flies, and children grow and mature at light speed. Much to the dismay of a maturing child, parents want to protect them from the big, bad, scary world. Installing interlocking rubber flooring tiles is a simple and easy application that would protect and support your child in their introduction to fitness. Rubber floor tiles also minimize the impact on your wallet by preempting the costs of repairing your floor or gym equipment. The tiles are a durable and resilient investment, saving you time and money that could be focused on your greatest investment: your child.