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Customized Mats

DIY Custom Cut Floor Mats: A How-To Guide in Cutting Rubber Mats!

A Tuff Flex Rubber Mat on asphalt carrying a pallet

Here at Rubber-Cal (i.e. The Rubber Flooring Experts) we offer custom length cuts of rubber flooring so that you can purchase the perfect amount of material for the length of your project! However, if you are working with a narrower space or a tricky corner you may find that you need to trim the width of the cut. Getting snug, DIY custom cut floor mats is a simple process that anyone can do—just follow this simple, step-by-step guide! Below, I will show you how to cut rubber mats and rubber flooring with ease and, more importantly, with safety in mind.

Step 1: Collect Your Equipment!
To fabricate your own customized rubber mats, you’ll need the following tools:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Straight edge (or right angle ruler/guide)
  3. Utility knife (a nice sharp Stanley Blade)
  4. A cup of soap and water
  5. Gloves to protect your fingers and hands
  6. A durable, cut-resistant subsurface (ex. concrete, brick)
  7. A protective material to shield your subfloors from the blade, given that you have a pricey subfloor like hard wood.
  8. Patience!

Tuff Flex supporting a loaded pallet on asphalt.Step 2: Safety First!
Whenever you use a utility knife or blade of any sort, be sure to wear gloves for proper protection! Use thick gardening gloves or heavy-duty hardware gloves.

Step 3: Measure Up- Precision is Key!
Using your tape measure, record the desired dimensions of your project. Calculate how much you need to trim in order for the rubber mat to best fit those dimensions and write it down.

Step 4: Prepare Your Blade!
Rubber naturally has high friction so it may be difficult to run your knife through it. Mixing a simple solution of soap and water will provide just enough slipperiness for the blade to glide through the rubber more efficiently.

Step 5: Lay down the Lines!
Use your straight edge as a guide to determine where you will be cutting! Make sure your straight tool is the same length as the cut you are making, and that it is in a straight line—otherwise, you may end up with an uneven cut.

Step 6: Cut away!
Using a slow, downward motion, make the cut in the rubber. Rubber is resilient so you will probably have to score the material a few times before you can actually cut it the entire way through.

As you can see it really is quite simple to cut your own customized rubber mats! It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, this method ensures that your new rubber floor will be looking snug and complete!