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Rubberized Flooring

5 Ways Rubberized Flooring Finds Its Way into Our Everyday Lives

Black Elephant bark floor under BicyclesWithout wood there wouldn’t be houses, broomsticks, palates, or full-bellied termites. Without steel there wouldn’t be factories, cars, or skyscrapers.

But what would the world be without rubber? Imagine a car without tires or a rubber band without its rubber band-ness. Rubberized flooring, especially, plays a significant role in our everyday lives even if we don’t realize it. Here are 5 interesting rubber products we use on a daily basis — and 5 ways those products are related to a rubber flooring mat!

  1. Rubber tires: Rubber vehicle tires, which must be extremely durable, are made to resist wear, tear, and inclement weather quite well. However, everyday rubber items like car tires are often sent to landfills after they wear out. In this rapidly changing environmental climate, recycling has become extremely important.

    The rubber flooring connection: Luckily, rubberized flooring can be produced from recycled rubber tire material. They are resistant to UV rays and ozone, like the tires they are derived from, so these recycled rubber products are ideal for outdoor use. The rubber mats you see in retail entrances, home doorways, and locker rooms may contain the very same material that makes your car go!

  2. Rubber gloves: Rubber gloves, such as those used by doctors, dentists, and lab technicians, are made from synthetic and natural rubber. You know the telltale snap you hear when your doctor puts on those gloves? That’s the sound of rubber’s natural elasticity.

    The rubber flooring connection: The flexibility and elasticity that make medical gloves stretchy are also qualities that make rubber the perfect matting material. A rubber flooring mat can provide a soft, shock-absorbent floor surface for gyms, garages, basements, industrial warehouses, and assembly lines. Who knew rubber gloves were so incredibly versatile?

  3. Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under bike stand and exercise equipmentRubber soles: The inner and outer soles of shoes are often made from natural, recycled, or synthetic rubbers. Providing the wearer with significant shock absorption and anti-slip protection, rubber roles are helpful for anyone from hardcore athletes to serious fashionistas.

    The rubber flooring connection: These same slip-resistant characteristics also make rubber the go-to material for rubber floors of any type, including rubber door mats, drainage mats, and kitchen mats. Rolled rubber flooring and mats are easy to install in any of these slippery applications.

  4. Phone covers: Our cell phones may be “smarter” than we are, but they still need to be protected from liquids, falls, and other harmful environments. Durable rubber phone covers and cases can prevent water damage and protect your phone when you drop it — which, let’s face it, happens more often than we care to admit.

    The rubber flooring connection: Rubber is naturally elastic, flexible, and durable, so rubber flooring offers a unique kind of protection for cell phones and floor surfaces alike. As gym floors, for example, rubber surfacing cushions joints and preserves exercise equipment.

  5. Rubber hoses: All living plants and creatures need water to survive. Some drink water from glasses while others guzzle from hoses or streams. Hoses can be made from a variety of materials, including water-resistant natural or synthetic rubber.

    The rubber flooring connection: Rubber’s natural water resistance works for rubber flooring as well. As garage or basement flooring, rubber prevents excessive water damage and can survive anything from floods to persistent mold. No matter the application, rubber surfaces bring remarkable water protection to your floor surfaces.

Wherever we turn our heads, we see something made from rubber and, whether we realize it or not, all of these products are intricately connected to the rubber flooring mats that decorate our entryways, locker rooms, kitchens, and gyms. Maybe it’s time we acknowledged the potential impact rubberized flooring could have on our own lives.

So go ahead! How could rubber flooring affect your life?