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Ribbed Matting Types

What Are The Differences Among the Four Types of Ribbed Matting?

Person walking on a Wide Rib Rubber MatFor well-traveled and slippery walkways ribbed matting is a functional and cost-effective floor runner solution. Rubber presents many features that excel in walkways and entryways: traction (even in wet conditions), durability and comfort to name a few. Installation is virtually stress-free, only requiring the user to unroll and spread the elastic material. Yet, when it comes down to buying a runner, indecision may arise after seeing the various types of runners: wide, composite, fine ribbed rubber matting, or the ramp cleat runner.

Don’t fret! Understanding the unique functions of each mat usually dictates which type of ribbed matting is most appropriate:

  • Fine rib: This runner has the most narrow ribs, or channels, that run parallel to the length of the mat. There are numerous protrusions in every square inch of the mat that primarily function to scrape dirt, debris, and moisture off of the soles of shoes. The narrow channels of fine ribbed rubber matting capture smaller matter to be tidied up later.
  • Composite Rib Rubber flooring in a workplace bathroomWide rib: You guessed it. This mat has wider ribs. A wide ribbed runner distinguishes itself from its sibling mat by offering a substantially greater measure of comfort. Whereas firm, finer ribs scrape, wider ribs cushion and provide a degree of “give.” Wide ribs also offer scraping abilities; however, they are not as effective as their fine rib counterpart.
  • Composite rib: This runner combines the design of wide ribbed and fine ribbed rubber matting. Composite ribbed runners provide scraping ability with its fine ribs, presents the comfort of wide rib with its wider protrusions, and traps foreign matter in the wide and narrow channels.
  • Ramp cleat: This runner is the only mat with corrugations that run along the width of the mat. The design more effectively provides grip when treading across it. You can even hear your shoes brushing along the mat, an indication of foot-to-mat contact. Ramp cleat matting is ideal for ramps and inclines where extra traction is desired.

Though each type of ribbed matting possesses its own functions, all of the runners share the qualities of a functional and effective rubber mat: all-weather resilience, stress-free installation, easy maintenance, and the inherent anti-slip property of rubber. Rubber runners are cost-effective and highly mobile, making any one of these matting solutions a very fine investment for your application.