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Cast Iron Door Mats

Six Reasons Why Rubber Cast Iron Door Mats Are Not Just A Piece of Eye Candy

Orion Rubber Doormat in front of double doorsRubber cast iron door mats are intricately designed mats emulating the aesthetic of the classic cast iron accessory. The baroque styling of swooping loops and blooming flowers radiates a sophisticated air and simultaneously has an unexpected homeliness to it. It should not be assumed that the door mats, with their delicate designs, are fragile and merely a pretty piece of eye candy. The truth is quite the opposite.

These washable door mats actually offer a substantial amount of features behind their fetching façade. Check out six features offered by an unassuming rubber entrance mat:

  1. Slip-resistance: Traditional cast iron door mats are made of—self-evidently—cast iron. This material offers a degree of slip-resistance but is not as effective as other materials, such as rubber. Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction to prevent slips even in moist or wet conditions.
  2. Drainage holes: This rubber flooring mat is deceptively adorned with intricate designs that actually function to drain moisture. The likelihood of slipping is reduced since the moisture isn’t sitting atop the mat but instead drains under the mat and away from feet. The drainage holes also capture foreign matter like dirt and debris that may track onto interior floors.
  3. Orion Cast Iron Rubber Doormat on tile near woodenEco-friendly: These rubber welcome mats are made of recycled rubber from unused tires. Before the advent of the “green revolution,” unused tires were either piled up on landfills or burned in a noxious tire fire. Today, being more aware of the environment around us, the practice of conservation and recycling is now utilized in products such as rubber floor coverings and rubber welcome mats.
  4. Washable door mats: Rubber cast iron mats will capture some of the dirt, dust, and debris before it finds its way into your residential home. When it gets really grimy, simply hosing it down with water cleans the mat thoroughly. The water-resistant rubber is not affected by water unlike traditional metal mats which tend to rust.
  5. Mobile: In stark contrast to a traditional metal cast iron mat, the rubber entrance mat is conveniently lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it a cinch to relocate the mat when you need to clean your entryway or when you want to place the mat elsewhere.
  6. Durable: As mentioned previously, the mats are made of recycled rubber derived from tires. With this said, the rubber door mats inherit many of the characteristics present in tires, most notably being their all-weather resilience. Through constant physical and elemental abuse the rubber mat retains its structural integrity.

A beautiful thing doesn’t have to be one-dimensional; cast iron door mats offer a plethora of features alongside its alluring aesthetic. The rubber material and the drainage holes promote safety even in damp or wet entryways. The long-lasting mat is also very convenient to use, especially when cleaning. And, as the cherry on top, the rubber entrance mat is a sustainable product, making it a beautifully designed mat that contributes to keeping our environment beautiful as well.