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Black Rubber Mat

Rubber Truck Bed Mats Help You Carry That Weight Securely and Safely!

Shark Tooth Rubber Mat supporting a pillarAlthough we specialize in rubber flooring, our rubber products are versatile and not limited to the ground beneath your feet. Customers have used our products for interesting applications like kitchen tabletops, home putting greens, and even suspenders! In this article, I’d like to talk about another functional use for our products: rubber truck bed mats.

Trucks usually have some type of liner laid or sprayed on to protect the metal bed surface from damage. It’ll last for a couple of months at most with light to moderate use before collecting unsightly scratches and peeling off. At this point, the truck’s surface is exposed and vulnerable to more scratches, scuffs, and water damage.

To preserve the life of the bed liner of a truck, rubber truck bed mats must be used on a truck bed whenever carrying and transporting objects with the truck. Here are some useful features of an unassuming black rubber mat:

  • Shark tooth mat under heavy equipmentTruck Bed Protection:The obvious reason why a rubber mat protects and preserves your bed liner is the fact that the mat is a barrier between your cargo and your truck bed. So, why choose a rubber mat? It’s shock absorbent. Rubber acts like a spring; when force is applied to it, rubber will flex and absorb some of the force, dispersing it throughout the area of the rubber. When the force is removed, it springs back to its original form.

    Heavy cargo applies plenty of force to your liner and scratches and peels it off. A simple black rubber mat can absorb the forces and pressure of heavy cargo, protecting your truck. Our most popular size for this type of application is our 4 x 6 rubber mat.

  • Grip on the Go: Transporting goods with your truck can get dicey when you’re driving. With or without harnesses, it’s not uncommon for cargo to slip and slide on the bed during acceleration or a turn. A 4 x 6 rubber mat under your freight provides grip and prevents potentially dangerous spills.
  • All-weather resilience: Rubber is already an extremely durable material, as evidence by its use on the soles of shoes and the tires of cars. Many of our mats are actually made from recycled tires to make an all-weather black rubber mat. The inherent characteristics of tires are passed on to their by-products very well.

Rubber truck bed mats are an interesting and functional way to use our rubber matting products. They will help protect and preserve the life of your truck bed by offering a shock-absorbing barrier, a slip-free surface, and all-weather durability. When you aren’t planning on carrying anything in your truck bed you can easily roll up the rubber mat and store it until the next time you need to carry that weight.