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Rubber Flooring Options

Rubber Flooring Options For Your Home - Choose From Many Unique Designs!

Woman doing exercises on Green Eco-sport tiles with a soccer ball nearbyWhen people think of rubber flooring, the first thing that often comes to mind is black. Boring, standard black is pretty common—the type that you see on warehouse floors and sweaty public gyms. If you have a cozy, colorful home, you obviously don’t want a harsh, black rubber pad to be an eyesore on your carefully planned interior design. Check out some of these other rubber flooring options, you’re sure to find something that is a better match for the home setting!

  • White Rubber Flooring- if you think black is too dark and dim; why not try the exact opposite? White rubber is clean, non-marking, and adds a sophisticated touch to all areas that need durable flooring AND class. Because rubber is resistant to liquid spills and abrasion it will resist most stains, meaning that it will maintain its clean appearance. We also offer flooring that is close to white, a real light gray that is. Just beware that gray and white are tough to keep clean.
  • Woman sitting on Green Eco-Sport tiles looking at her surroundings outdoorsRubber Dot Flooring- This rubber pad is really fun! It comes in black with scattered dots and speckles in various vibrant colors. Pick one that highlights one of the accent colors in your home- whether that’s green, blue, red, or even bright yellow! Most of our recycled products are made from tires so the color of the end-product is ultimately derived from the black tire crumb. This color variation makes some of our flooring a little darker or lighter when compared to each other. We also offer speckled colors which are sometimes called rubber dot flooring!
  • Red Rubber Flooring- This is one of our most popular colors. If jazz and pizzazz is your thing and you like to keep things hot, then bright red flooring seems just right for you! Red rubber flooring can fire up a workout or just add cheer and warmth. Rubberized Flooring Tiles- Instead of a long rollout mat, these tiles can be bought as individual 2 feet by 2 feet squares! That means you could design your matting area in a range of colors, like stripes, or a checkerboard pattern! The tiles come in many popular colors and some unique ones too!

As you can see, rubber flooring doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you’re installing a home gym, or just need floor protection for a home workshop, there are options other than black. These options are all unique in their own way, just like the people that purchase them!