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Feature-Packed Rubber Flooring Products!

Terra Flex Interlocking Tiles under a toy trainRubber flooring products, like rubber rolls or interlocking tiles, are highly functional and extremely versatile flooring options. The safety offered by rubber is in itself a substantial reason to opt for rolls or rubber tile floors. Cost-effective, and easy to install and maintain. All bases are covered.

Rubberized surfacing may not be everyone's cup of tea; however, it must be mentioned that there are particular individuals and applications that greatly benefit from the properties of this elastic and durable material.

  • Children: You'd be hard-pressed to find a child that spends her free time quietly and contemplatively reading Wall Street Journal while sipping on a cup of Earl Grey. Highly energetic and infinitely interested, kids are usually bouncing off the walls! In their frenetic movements it's not uncommon for them to scuff their knees and scrape their elbows. Rubber flooring products can protect children from injury by reducing the severity of any slips and spills. The impact-absorbent floor acts as a cushion for when a child is literally bouncing around the room.
  • Close-up of toy train on multiple Terra Flex tiles in each colorElderly and physically challenged: For those that are physically impaired or just have balance problems, installing rolled rubber or rubber tile floors introduce slip-resistance as a safety precaution. Rubber has a high coefficient of friction especially when compared to materials like tile and concrete. People with an irregular gait also benefit from the grip of rubber. The shock-absorbent floor reduces the likelihood of severe injuries in the event that an individual does fall. Rubber offers such measures of safety in addition to a peace of mind.
  • Pets: Humans aren't the only ones to benefit from rubber floors. Indoor and outdoor pets can enjoy the warmth and cushion of the elastomer. The grip provided by rubber can also prevent them from slipping and sliding on indoor hardwood or tile floors. The rubberized surfacing doubly serves to protect floors from scuffs and scratches resulting from scurrying paws. In the end, both owner and pet benefit from such a simple flooring solution.

The versatility of rubber flooring products makes it ideal for people (and animals!) across different ages and conditions. Slip resistance, shock absorbency, and durability are features that cannot be found amongst other common flooring materials. Cost-effective and easy to install, rubber flooring is not only feature-packed, but effortless to use. What more would you need?