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Custom Cut Matting

Custom Cut Matting Saves Time and Reduces Waste!

Elephant Bark Rubber floor under exercise equipmentWhy buy custom cut matting or custom rubber flooring? How does that save you time, money, and reduce waste? Pause for a moment and imagine that you’re out shopping for a new pair of shoes. When you go to the shoe store or department store, where do you go first? Of course, you go straight for the racks that are labeled with your shoe size. Shoe size is pretty standard after you reach a certain age so, chances are, you know exactly what you’re looking for. It would be quite silly to buy a pair of shoes that are too big, right? They would cost you more money, and they would be terribly uncomfortable and awkward. The logical thing to do, of course, is to buy shoes in the right size for your feet so that you will save money and be happier with your purchase. Here are a few reasons why you should consider custom rubber flooring rolls:

  1. Save Time: When rubber rolls are cut for you, you do not need to waste time using utility knives to cut the product into your desired lengths.
  2. Lessen Waste: Since you buy exactly the rubber flooring rolls lengths you need (not what someone wants to sell you!), there is very little waste, if any, left over after installation.
  3. Easier Installation: Custom cut matting means easier installation with less work. Unroll the rubber floor rolls, apply a little double-sided tape to the edges of the rolls and you’re done!
  4. Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under gym equipmentSave Money: Since you save time, you buy less by buying what you need. There is no need for an installer or expensive adhesives so you end up spending less.
  5. No Long Lead Times: We specialize in custom fit floor mat rolls cut to your exact size. We turn almost all such orders around and ship them to you the same day you place the order. There is no reason to wait!

Similarly, when purchasing rubber flooring, it makes logical sense to opt for custom cut matting over large, precut rolls; especially if your project requires very specific room dimensions. If you purchase rubber in rolls you have to round up from your project dimensions and then pay the full price for the extra material. This is material that you probably won’t even use, so it just gets shoved into your storage cabinet or garage and is forgotten. If you don’t eventually use the excess yardage you will have wasted your money paying for the full roll. Unless the dimensions you need measure exactly what is offered in the precut sizes, it will be cheaper to purchase customized cuts. In addition to saving you money, it will also save time! By ordering a custom fit floor mat you are saving yourself the time you would have spent measuring, marking, and cutting the large sheet down to size. We’re all about efficiency here, and we know that you could be spending that time doing something else… I mean, they say that time is money! If your order arrives at your house cut in the dimensions you needed for your home gym, basement, or studio floor, all you need to do is roll it out and you’re good to go! It will fit snugly into each corner of your residence and you won’t have to worry about additional assembly or cutting. Custom rubber flooring and custom cut matting are the way to go in today’s fast-paced world, so let us help you find the perfect sizes for your rubber flooring needs!