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Utilizing Rubber Mat Tiles Can Pave the Way To Being a Rockstar!

Rubber puzzle tile floor near a temporary shopChoosing to install rubber mat tiles can be the missing piece to complete your home recording studio. Even if you have pipes like Pavarotti or can make a guitar “gently weep” like George Harrison, you need to construct your recording studio with the right pieces in order to produce a flawless recording.

The major threat to recording an unblemished track is acoustical interference. For example, when you are playing in an empty garage there is a faint echo that resounds throughout the room. When you record a song, it’s absolutely crucial to manage all factors that could contribute or interfere with the recording, including sound.

Sound is “a series of compression waves that can travel long distances in a short span of time” ( This series of compression waves diffuse through mediums like air, water, or solids. Sound is produced when vibrations from an object shake a given medium, like air. This concept can be illustrated by plucking a guitar string. If you look closely, the guitar string is vibrating rapidly. As a result, the air particles around the string begin to vibrate quickly.

Black Interlocking Tile Floor for a temporary shopSound waves reverberate through mediums, like air, and travel away and outward from the source of the vibrations. The waves will continue to travel until they either dissipate and lose vibration or hit a surface. When waves hit a hard surface the sound reflects off of it; this is what creates reverberating echoes and reverb. When it hits a porous surface, sound is absorbed.

Whether you’re playing in your garage, basement, or bedroom, rubber mat tiles will reduce unintended acoustic interferences. Unlike materials like hardwood or concrete, rubber is very porous and can absorb much of the excess sound that could muddy up your recording. The absorptive quality of rubber also reduces the volume of extraneous noises, like the hum of an air conditioner or the yelling of your spouse. You can finally record a blues guitar track without hearing “Keep it down in there!” during the bridge.

Alongside its soundproofing capabilities, recycled rubber flooring tiles provide a nice cushioned floor that protects your musical instruments and equipment from damage. Not to mention the fact that they are recycled from (your own!) car tires. Rubber’s porous quality not only absorbs sound but also absorbs shock and impact. Made from recycled rubber tires, the rubber tiles remain resilient even when you’re doing jumping scissor kicks like Van Halen. The price of the tiles is also kind to your pocket book, especially since installation is a breeze and comes with no added costs.

Rubber mat tiles are essential for your dream recording studio. Rubber’s soundproofing capability ensures a clean and crisp recording that will be free from acoustic interferences and extraneous noises. Installing recycled rubber flooring tiles is a simple and easy DIY application that saves you time and money. Now, build yourself the ideal recording studio and give Justin Bieber a run for his money!