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Green Flooring Options

Green Rubber Flooring: An Environmentally Friendly Floor!

Elephant Bark under many machines and equipment in a gym“Green” rubber flooring is one of the most affordable eco-friendly flooring options for home renovations available. Home flooring renovation is a big task to take on, but it’s something that most homeowners will come across at some point or another! If you buy an old house, you’re probably going to want to do something about that garage floor, or that old patio deck. Even if you’re the owner of a brand new home there might still be things you want to change. After all, it is these precise little details and adjustments that truly make your home your castle!

Depending on what floor area of the house you are planning to renovate, you may be debating between various projects and questions! A new coat of paint on that outdoor deck could really brighten things up, but would it last long enough? Is it odd to carpet a sunroom, since it’s both indoors AND outdoors at the same time? Oh, we haven’t even considered the front porch yet—the first thing that your guests see when they pull up to your house! That porch has to be presentable, preferably with an extra kick of detailing! With so many possible areas that could use some additional flair and design, where do you start?

Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under exercise equipment in a gymWell, you could start by choosing your building materials! There are many options, like wood, concrete, brick, and linoleum… but have you considered their environmental impact? As far as eco friendly flooring options go, you won’t get far with these traditional materials, which are not made from recycled content. However, there is one material out there that is cost-effective, simple to install, AND can provide you with an environmentally friendly floor. Rubber is a material that is just about everywhere, from shoe soles to truck tires. Here are some great reasons to use green rubber flooring and mats:

  1. Sustainable floors: Rubber floors made from recycled tire products are Green products.
  2. Sturdy: Recycled rubber flooring is extremely tough and used in places that resilience is required like gym floors, basement floors, and playground floors.
  3. Weather resistant: Rubber flooring made from tire crumb is as weather resistant as tires which are made to last outdoors for generations!
  4. Easy on the pocket-book: Due to their recycled nature, green rubber flooring is less expensive than most other flooring options.
  5. DIY: Among other eco-friendly flooring options, there is no other flooring product as easy to install. We will put our floors up against any and all other flooring products when it comes to installation.

It is known for being sturdy and resilient, which in turn means that it is tough to break down. Due to popular demand by the automotive industry, there are thousands of old car tires being replaced at any given time. This generates a lot of waste rubber which needs a new outlet. This rubber is ground up, melted, and made into various recycled tire products—including sustainable floors! This type of rubber surfacing and flooring also has great qualities like weather resistance and impact resistance which make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is very durable, meaning once you finish this project you won’t have to worry about it for a long while. It’s important to go green, so check out rubber flooring as you take on your next home improvement project!