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“Sustainable Floor Products” Natural & Recycled Rubber Floors

Ab-Rocket and two blue dumbbells on Recycled Rubber FloorAt some point you’ve probably heard or used some form of the word “sustain.” You might have heard this word in a courtroom — during stints of jury duty or on courtroom TV dramas — when an attorney makes a legal objection. By sustaining, the judge speaks to the validity of the objection. More recently, you’ve probably heard the word “sustainable” used to refer to environmentally friendly, or “green”, materials such as recycled rubber floors. Sustainable floor products are ones that preserve resources, offer reduced emissions during their production, and recycle products that may otherwise find their way to the dump!

As the American media continues to tell us with increasing sensationalism, human activity has negatively impacted the environment. We’ve learned that over-extracting natural resources from our environment, coupled with the exponential growth of human populations, has irreversibly changed the earth’s ecosystems. What happens when our activities result in the total destruction of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, and the extinction of land and sea animals? The future of human existence is in peril. Perhaps not, but the cost of natural resources will certainly go through the roof (e.g. oil) and as a result lock a portion of the market out.

How does sustainability tie into all of this? According to the online Merriam Webster Dictionary, “sustainable” is defined as a “method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” For eco-friendly manufacturers and distributors, the goal of offering sustainable materials, such as environmental flooring, is to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations. In other words, sustainable materials act as a shining beacon of hope for both the present and the future. Sustainable floor products have far less impact on the eco-system during their production.

Recycled rubber used for a home gym floor with dumbbells on topRubber is one such material. Natural rubber is commonly used in the production of eco-friendly rubber mats and flooring for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Natural rubber is manufactured from renewable rubber sap harvested from rubber trees. We can tap rubber trees multiple times without harming the tree or the environment so natural rubber is a truly sustainable material.

However, natural rubber isn’t the only sustainable rubber material. By definition, recycled rubber floors reuse rubber vehicle tires that would otherwise languish in landfills for eternity. Environmental flooring products, like recycled rubber flooring, offer a tough and affordable layer that protects your floor while reusing synthetic materials in a positive and helpful way.

Rubber-Cal offers a broad selection of sustainable floor products ranging from kitchen drainage mats to boot scraper mats for residential doorways. These sustainable rubber products are perfect for keeping dirt, water, and grime out of homes and businesses.

As a sustainable resource, rubber can be molded and shaped into almost anything which is why it is one of the number-one eco-friendly resources being used today. Natural and recycled rubber floors are long-lasting, effective, and less harmful for the environment. It’s time we acknowledge the very real danger of climate change and support sustainable industries because they could mean everything to us in the future.