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Recycled Tire Flooring

Looking for Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options?


 Dear Rubber Flooring Experts,

   I’m looking for an eco-conscious way to remodel a pool deck. I also care a lot about my children’s safety so I’m looking for a non-slip product. Maybe a recycled rubber decking! I know that rubber can provide that kind of water resistant safety, but is it environmentally friendly? I want something that can work as a safe and sustainable flooring option. I like to think of myself as an eco-mom and I realize that you specialize in rubber flooring, so tell me more about your recycled tire flooring.



Dear Eco-Mom,

    Rubber often gets a bad reputation because it is generally thought of as a petroleum by-product so sometimes the other available varieties of the product are forgotten. Natural rubber, recycled rubber, and reclaimed rubber products are used far more in consumer products than you would think. Synthetic or petroleum based rubbers are expensive due to their relationship to oil.

Eco-Safety Blue Playground Tile under a small jungle gym    However, rubber’s “Green Nature” redeems itself many times over in the form of quality flooring products. Recycled rubber is made from 100% used car and truck tires. These discarded tires are shredded, ground, melted, and then formed into new sheets. Recycled rubber is definitely one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options out there because it is a renewal process that makes new products out of objects that would otherwise be landfill waste! Rubber tires are made from the highest quality synthetic and natural rubbers, like EPDM (the material that gives tires such great weather resistance), and makes these perfect for your poolside needs! By laying down recycled rubber decking, you are providing your children with a safe, non-slip surface while also playing your part to encourage environmental sustainability. Recycled tire flooring if offered in tiles or rolls. For your needs I would suggest custom cut rolls to match your exact dimensional requirements, that way we cut what you need, and you minimize your wastage and limit the installation process!

- The Rubber Flooring Experts